Happy Days: Soft play, cake and baby kisses

WITH only six weeks of my maternity leave left (sob) I’m determined to make the most of each day I have at home with Santi.
I make sure we get out of the house every day anyway, but I’m going to make more of an effort to have fun while we’re at home too, rather than trying to get other things done (now if that’s not a good enough excuse to abandon the housework I don’t know what is.)
This is what we’ve been up to this week…

Out and about:

After spending a week at Bluestone it felt like we hadn’t seen our friends for ages, so we arranged a couple of get-togethers. On Tuesday we went for lunch at Frankie and Benny, where Santi refused to sit in the high chair for longer than 15 minutes so we ended up walking around the restaurant and watching the chefs cooking. They were very friendly, but I’m not sure we helped them get anyone’s food out on time!
We then went to a soft play place (where Santi slept for half an hour while I enjoyed a hot coffee, yay!) so the babies could wear themselves out.
It’s amazing how much Santi has changed over the last couple of weeks. He’s always liked to stand up, but all of a sudden he wants to walk everywhere, which I’m both incredibly proud of and annoyed with as its back-breaking holding his hands.
He’s also finally mastered crawling, so when he’s not insisting on walking he’s chasing balls from he ball pit around the place or trying to climb the steps to the slide.

Look, I can stand!
Look, I can stand!

On Wednesday we visited a huge soft play place called Funsters – and after a slight high chair related meltdown it did live up to its name. There was a bouncy castle, ball pit, swings, and a huge bumpy slide which was well worth the trek to the top!
We had Sing and Sign in the afternoon, and it was great to be back after two weeks off. Santi crawled off to the middle instead of sitting with me, and shook his maracas instead of eating them for the first time ever!
He did get bored of crawling quite quickly though, and was soon tugging at my hands to walk him around the room … I’m not sure the other mothers appreciated me standing right in their view!

Fun at home:

It’s not really fun, but a lot of time at home has been spent cleaning this week. I’m not usually one for spring cleaning, but we really needed it! I do feel better for sorting things out and finally getting around to putting a few of Santi’s baby things away.
Play-wise, we bought a lovely Noah’s Ark before Christmas, which Santi is loving. It’s a wooden shape sorter (I’m a big fan of wooden toys as they don’t make any noise) and even though he can’t get the right animals into the shapes he definitely gets the concept of it.
We’ve made the most of the sunny weather and sat outside in the front garden. I made sure we were out to watch the eclipse together … But Santi found the door knocker much more fascinating. Great. An incredibly rare event and we’re knocking the door.

Enjoying the springtime sun
Enjoying the springtime sun

Time for me:

I’ve had quite a bit of baby-free time this week, most of which has been spent cleaning (boooring). Saturday was Stew’s birthday, so we spent a few hours in the sun in Mumbles – with some lovely tea and cake – and had a meal out in the evening.
Santi slept out at my parents so we could actually get a night’s sleep, and Sunday morning was spent doing yet more housework! Time thinking about the house is dangerous though, as now I’m tempted to wallpaper our middle room (uh oh…)

Life is better with tea and cake
Life is better with tea and cake

My happiest moment:

Santi has learned how to give kisses, and it’s so sweet when he pulls my face in to kiss my nose. He makes an “ahh” sound too, which is so cute. It usually results in a bite too, but I’m not complaining!

Even ted is having kisses this week
Even ted is having kisses this week

Next week I would like to…

Survive! I bought Stew a flying lesson for his birthday, so we’ll be taking to the skies on Friday. I’m very excited about it, but nervous too. Check back to find out how we got on!

What Katy Said

2 thoughts on “Happy Days: Soft play, cake and baby kisses

  1. Flying lesson – how amazing. Hope you and Stew enjoy that. Wow. 🙂

    Santi is incredibly cute – I hope you have a fab time over the next 6 weeks. Squeeze every last minute out of it.

    Thanks for joining our #HappyDaysLinky

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Katy (What Katy Said) says:

    Haha love your next week’s goal! Hope you have fun tomorrow! Love that Santi is giving kisses, that photo is adorable! Thank you for linking up with #HappyDaysLinky

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