Weekend Baby Style: We love jeggings!

I WAS struggling to decide which of Santi’s outfits should be this week’s pick, so I’ve cheated and gone for three!
I’ve done way too much shopping recently as Santi is outgrowing his 6-9 month clothes, and spotted so many lovely summer bits already in the shops. I then got a bit upset when I realised that by the time Santi’s in summer clothes I’ll be dressing him for nursery and not for days out with me ? I hope the staff there like his style!
Anyway, here are my favourites of this week’s outfits (I forgot to do flat lay pics, so sorry if it’s hard to see them properly)…

IMG_3709I absolutely love this outfit! The t-shirt was in the Next sale, the long sleeved black vest underneath is from H&M, as are the jeggings (which are rolled up as we were playing with water).

IMG_3847Here we have yet more H&M loveliness … the striped top is nice and bright for spring and has some growing room so should see us through a few months yet. The trusty jeggings are as before (I love them so much that I bought two pairs), and the bobble hat is from Mothercare and has been worn almost every day!

IMG_3773Finally, just to prove Santi does own some other trousers … This top is from Tesco and has a really cute print featuring hop hats, moustaches and monacles, and the blue jeans are from Primark. We had a bit of accidental matching the last time Santi wore these as I have jeans the same colour and I dressed us both in grey jumpers … oops!

p.s. We were very pleased to get a mention in last week’s baby style top picks … you can check that outfit out here.


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3 thoughts on “Weekend Baby Style: We love jeggings!

  1. Jeggings are amazing, whether they’re for girls or boys – unisex I say! Santi is rocking them and looks fab. I reckon his nursery will love his style! Isla’s nursery always comment on her outfits, it’s really sweet. Haha we accidentally match all the time, no one believes me that I don’t mean to do it! Thank you so much for linking up. Hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂 xx #weekendbabystyle

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