Weekend baby style: Mammy vs daddy

THIS week we have one outfit chosen by me and one by Stew.

Mine is all a bit big still, but I could t wait any longer for Santi to wear the t-shirt. I was tempted to get a red vest to go underneath it, but went for black and paired it with these red harem style joggers. It’s quite bold, but I love it!

T-shirt: H&M, vest: H&M, trousers : M&S (two pack)

And here’s Stew’s outfit…

I love letting Stew dress Santi as I never know what he’ll end up wearing. The best time was when Stew dressed him in a dinosaur onesie for a day out, and the worst was when he put Santi in a mixture of clashing stripes.

Today’s choice was a bit tamer, and he looks so grown up!

Jumper: Tesco, jeggings: H&M (again!)

Which outfit do you prefer?

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6 thoughts on “Weekend baby style: Mammy vs daddy

  1. The Knott Bump Us says:

    Haha I LOVE both these outfits. I definitely can’t pick a fave. Gosh, if I let my husband dress Isla he’d probably team a pair of joggers with a dress!! Loving the Run DMC tee, how fun is that?! I also think the jumper in daddy’s outfit is super cute and goes amazingly with those fab jeggings. We do love a bit of H&M! Thanks so much for linking up and hope you have a greta long weekend! xx #weekendbabystyle

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