Santi’s nautical first birthday

WELL, we’ve survived Santi’s first birthday party!

I can’t believe he’s one already, the year has flown, but I’m not going to get into the emotional where has my tiny baby gone monologue today (I’ll save that for his birthday on Wednesday), I just wanted to share some photos of our afternoon.

We had six babies and their mothers (plus one dad) over for a couple of hours to play and eat, and despite a last minute panic that inviting everyone to the house was a crazy idea, especially as the weather meant we had to stay indoors, I think it was a success.

Santi had a well-timed morning nap, giving us a chance to get everything ready, and we just about managed to get him dressed in time before the first guests arrived. I’d had a 1 t-shirt made last week for him to wear with denim shorts and a pair of bracers (all H&M) as I didn’t see the point in dressing him up smart for the house, so we went for a more casual look. I’m not entirely sure the outfit worked as I’d hoped, but he looked very cute nonetheless.


For the party itself, we went for a nautical theme with the food and decorations, and it was a very DIY affair with a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Our middle living room has a lot of beachy decor anyway so we got away with not having to do a great deal!

My favourite of all the decorations was this bunting, which my mother bought from a little shop in town. Being called Santino doesn’t lend itself to finding things with his name on, so it was nice to have something personalised for the party. We hung it up downstairs for today, but I’ll move it up to Santi’s room now as he keeps trying to use it to pull himself up onto the fireplace.

Santino name bunting

Onto the home made bits …

I’d seen letters spelling out one online and decided to give it a go myself … And I was pretty pleased with the result! The letters are from Hobbycraft and I used tester pots of paint to decorate them.


The cake wasn’t such a success, sadly. Stew baked a sponge, which was lovely, and I had the great idea of covering it with buttercream in an ombre effect. After using a whole bottle of food colouring and having two lots of buttercream that were almost identical in colour, I realised it wouldn’t be as simple as the YouTube video. Two bottles of blue dye, a LOT of icing sugar and quite a mess later and I kind of had three shades of blue. Unfortunately, they don’t quite show up in the photos and instead of having a graduated colour-change effect, it looks like we had a grey cake! It did look nicer in real life, and the toppers from Tiger (bargain £2) were very pretty.

Nautical fish birthday cake

We we hung more fish from Tiger in the window, and tried to keep the food in theme using little buckets for nibbles, turning boiled eggs into boats with pepper sails and creating banana palm trees…

Fish decorations



Nautical party food

The centrepiece of the table was a watermelon galleon … It sounded crazy in theory but looked great!

Nautical party food watermelon boat

All that effort and it was pizza and sausages that Santi was after … when he wasn’t stomping around as usual.

DSCN6202I’m not sure what he made of having his friends in the house. At first he seemed really pleased to see them, but when everyone was here I think it might have been a bit much for him.

He was enjoying, but there were a couple of “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” moments ( particularly when I wouldn’t let him climb over all the food to look at Jeremy out of the window).

DSCN6210DSCN6213It was a lovely afternoon and everything seemed to come together in the end. At this age, birthday parties are definitely more for the parents than the children, and I’m glad we had a low-key day for his first birthday. Santi was just as happy playing in his new tipi when everyone had gone home … such a sociable baby!

DSCN6224DSCN6226Now that all the party prep is over we can look forward to Santi’s actual birthday on Wednesday and a little trip to Folly Farm.

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19 thoughts on “Santi’s nautical first birthday

  1. What a great party. I love the theme and all those little touches look awesome. Very pinterest worthy if you haven’t already got your pics on there 🙂 My little boy has that teepee, it’s so good and he loves it. #MummyMonday

  2. So many lovely things! I’m really impressed with the ONE letters you decorated – fantastic. The bunting is lovely – I’ll have to look out for that. And the watermelon boat is inspired. The photos are lovely: he clearly had a wonderful time on his birthday. #mummymonday

  3. Looks like you all had a great time, love his ‘1’ T-shirt and the food touches are inspired :). My favourite has got to be the letters though, they are brilliant :). Well done you. #TwinklyTueday xx

  4. What a fabulous party and the theme was great. Love how creative you were – the eggs are adorable!! My son turns one this day next week and we’re having his birthday party on Saturday! Is the icing on the cake buttercream? #mummymonday

    • Thank you! It is buttercream … Not exactly child friendly but we bought a slightly less sugary one for the party bags and kept the homemade one for family x

  5. How adorable! The only theme I could come up with for my girls’ first birthday was “the twin’s favourite baby foods”! 😉

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  6. Happy first birthday Santi and well done to you both on your first year as parents. Gorgeous photos – I love the letters you decorated. Brilliant. And the watermelon boat. I love Pinterest for birthday party inspiration. So many fab ideas on there. x

  7. I love D.I.Y. and I love Pinterest! Haven’t written about Bob’s party yet but most of the inspiration came from there. Love the letters that you painted and the egg boats and the Palm trees are amazing! Thanks for linking up! xxx

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