Somebody’s watching me…

DO you ever get the feeling someone’s watching you? We did this morning, and the feeling was right.

Santi had woken in the early hours, so Stew gave him some milk and settled him back down to sleep. That’s when it happened. I could sense someone looking at us. 

I squinted through half shut eyes in the dark and heard it. “Hiyyyaaa!” (No matter how hard I tried to teach him hello, hiya somehow won).

Yep, he was wide awake. At 4.42am.  The caravan we’re staying in has a lovely big living area, but the second bedroom is too small to even squeeze between the beds, let alone fit the travel cot in so Santi had to sleep in with us.

He went to bed fairly easily, but on waking and realising we were in the room, the excitement was clearly too much. 

“Come on then, in the big bed,” I said, thinking he’d go back to sleep. Oh no, within seconds he’d clambered up onto Stew’s chest and was singing “eehh awww” (see saw to you and me) with a beaming smile.

By 5.15am he’d played peekaboo with the baby in the mirror, finished off his milk and was showing no signs of going back to sleep. 

Great. Day one of our holiday and we were up five hours before the swimming pool even opened!

I hid under the blanket while Stew entertained Santi, and by 7am they were out walking around the holiday park.

The countdown was on to 9.45am when we could go swimming … And at precisely that time Santi dropped. Nap time.

Time for ALL the caffeine.

After a mammoth three hour nap and something to eat, Santi was raring to go so we headed to a farm and petting zoo down the road for the afternoon. I was going to blog about this, but all the photos are on the proper camera and I can’t get wifi on the laptop so that’ll have to wait.

In the meantime, here’s our obligatory grumpy baby family selfie … Santi did have a lovely time, honest (even if we did accidentally get stuck in a holding pen with a rogue a sheep!)  


12 thoughts on “Somebody’s watching me…

  1. Ha! love that pic. Oh lack of sleep is by far the most torturous thing about small children. Why does it have to be this waaay?! Both my kids woke up just as we went to bed last night. Then at 4am i “thought” i heard my older son awake…he wasn’t and then i couldn’t get back to sleep! It’s a killer!

  2. Ah, the joys of room sharing with children while on holiday. I know it well! When my daughter was just less than two, we had a night in a hotel after a family do and she did not go to sleep at all! We ended up leaving at 5.30am when she had zero sleep and drove back home! It was early nights all round for us that night! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday x

  3. Ickle Pickle says:

    Oh no! I hope you managed more sleep the next night! I can’t function properly if I don’t get enough sleep. Luckily all mine were / are good sleepers. Kaz x

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