We created a George Ezra monster

AROUND this time last year, me and Stew went to see George Ezra in Cardiff. He was fairly new and even though we only knew a couple of his songs we thought we’d like him live.

Fast-forward a year, and not only do we know every word to every song on his album, but we listen to it in full every single day. A bit obsessive? Maybe, but try telling his number one fan Santi that…


It all started one day when we were in the car and Santi was upset. Rather than subject ourselves to nursery rhymes to calm him down, which would drive us mad, we put George’s album on to see if if would distract him. It was a success – half way through the first song he was fast asleep. We assumed it was a fluke, but tried again the next time we were driving and it had the same effect. Great, a sure-fire way to have a peaceful journey – and we got to listen to the music we like instead of being those parents forced to play children’s CDs on loop. Oh how smug.

From there, it kind of escalated into playing the Wanted on Voyage album on our phones if Santi got upset, and I’m not sure when, but at some point we moved onto YouTube to watch the videos. Listen to the Man is Santi’s favourite song, and we were pretty impressed when he started singing “uh ohhhh” as  the video came on.

So calm

Now, if we don’t hide our phones behind the settee cushions we get “uh ohhh, uh ohhhh” until YouTube is on and George is singing. I’m not joking, there have been days where we’ve brought Santi into our room from his cot in the morning and he’s instantly clocked a phone at the side of the bed and insisted on playing it. I think the record is watching the video seven times before even going downstairs (and that took a major distraction).  The CD has now moved from the car to Santi’s room and we put it on for him to fall asleep to … one night he even woke us up by singing “uh ohhhh”.

Although he likes all Geoff’s songs, from Bucharest on ( just a little in-joke for anyone else who’s watched the video a gazillion times), it’s Listen to the Man that sends him off every time.

Oh, and when we were in Pizza Express this week Santi nearly jumped out of his high chair when Barcelona started playing – he was waving his arms around and bopping away in his seat, the little loon. I don’t think he understood how it could be playing without a phone in sight.

So, are we still smug that our child likes the music we do and we’re not going slowly mad listening to Let it Go? Yes, definitely … but George, if you somehow happen to read this, please release a new album soon.

One more time, just for Santi…

17 thoughts on “We created a George Ezra monster

  1. Cardiff Mummy Says says:

    Ha ha! Love it! He is the coolest baby dude around! Our three listen to “grown up” music too – obviously within moderation, bothing full of swearing or anything, but I do love it when we’re out and about in a shop or restaurant and they pipe up with “that’s Ellie Goulding” or “that’s The Beatles” or whatever. I’m sure in a few years, they will be embarrassed at their parents’ taste in music but I’m embracing it at the moment and enjoying expanding their music education! x

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