What Santi Wore: More Zara, a furry parka and Gap does Snoopy shoes

IT’S official, I’m a Zara-holic. I now work less than a five minute walk from the nearest store, and it’s all too tempting to pop in at lunchtime. The other week we realised that Santi was lacking in trousers that didn’t flash his socks, so I headed in to town to pick up a couple of new pairs … and came out of Zara with two pairs of joggers, jeans and a checked shirt (oops).

One pair of trousers are navy with furry turn-ups and pocket on the back (they sound weird but are really cute), the jeans are faded grey with braces, which look like they’ll fit when Santi tuns 15, and the other are these speckled grey drop-crotch joggers, which look super comfortable.

I paired them with Santi’s Woke Up This Wild top and the new shirt, which is quite padded so is lovely and warm.

Pretty much head to toe in Zara!
And this is how it looked in action…


A rare pose!
A rare pose!
An amazing buy recently was Santi’s parka from Mothercare, which I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before. I picked it up while looking for a baby gift for a friend (I wasn’t supposed to be buying anything for us, but couldn’t resist it). I didn’t expect Mothercare to have something as trendy as this, as I usually find the boys’ clothes, apart from the Little Bird range, to be quite babyish – I know they are babies, but I’m not keen on cutesy clothes as you might have guessed.

This hat is another favourite, again from Zara. For a while Santi wouldn’t wear hats but he tried this on in the shop and kept smiling at himself in the mirror so we had to get it.

And finally, let’s talk about the Gap Kids and Peanuts collection. I know, I know, I just said I don’t like cute clothes, but Snoopy is an exception! We’re beagle fans in this household, and I loved the cartoon-strip design on these pumps. Plus Santi’s trainers are looking a bit worn now so it was time he had a new pair. The whole collection is lovely and definitely worth checking out if you’re after anything new.Gap Kids Peanuts shoes

What do you think of our recent buys? Do you stick to a favourite shop?

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