What Santi Wore: Mickey Mouse and Mountains

I say it every time, but this is my new favourite outfit of Santi’s. It’s casual but quite smart at the same time, and I love the two prints together.

The sweatshirt is from Next, and is black with white Mickey Mouse faces scattered over it. I thought it was going to be huge as it’s 18-24 months and Santi has just turned 18 months, but somehow it already fits … Good thing I didn’t stash it away at the back of the cupboard!

The joggers/leggings are from Zara (again, I know), and are a lovely vibrant burgundy with mountain designs. I’m not sure if the pattern is in black or navy, but they seem to go with everything!

Santi’s boots have taken some time for him to get used to. He only ever wants to wear the same pair of trainers (he’s so stubborn), but as we were going to feed the ducks I wanted him to have waterproof shoes on. These are navy Chelsea boots from Mothercare, which I think are super cute!

And here he is in my favourite outfit of the minute…


I thought the boots might look a bit odd with his trousers, but actually they make the outfit look smarter than if he had trainers on. And, of course, he did have a coat and hat on while we were feeding the ducks, but after a drink and a run around the visitor centre he was warm enough to walk back to the car without them!  I’ve bought a couple of new things in the sales which I’m waiting to be delivered, but I’m so excited to see the new spring/summer ranges coming into the shops!