What Santi Wore: New Year sale haul

You might have guessed that I love shopping for new clothes for Santi – it’s pretty much taken over my obsession with shopping for myself. So the new year sales weren’t something I was going to pass up on!

Instead of doing what I usually do, buying a lot of things just because they’re cheap, I invested in a few items I’ve been looking at for a while but couldn’t really justify without the 50% off. It also cheered me up while working over the new year.

These are the bits I decided to take the plunge and buy…

1. (1)1. Sleepy houses sweatshirt in faded red, Kid and Kind

1. (2)

This is the first thing I’ve bought from Kid and Kind, but I’ve been popping to the website to browse since I started following them on Instagram. I love the sleepy houses design, but hope the faded red doesn’t turn out to be too pink!

2. Apple sweatshirt in white, Hugo Loves Tiki

1. (3)

This is another one I’ve been after for a while – I’m a sucker for anything in a foreign language! There are a few different designs available, and I really love the pink cherry sweatshirt for girls.

3. Adidas Gazelle 2 in red and blue, Schuh

1. (6)

I always thought people who bought designer shoes for toddlers were a bit mad – surely it’s a waste of money when they grow so quickly? But when they’re in the sale and cheaper than Clarkes shoes what’s the harm! Santi has lived in his Ralph Lauren shoes since we bought them, so if he gets as much wear out of these it’ll be worth it.

4. Fruit sweatshirt, Hugo Loves Tiki

1. (7)

Another one from Hugo Loves Tiki … I featured Santi’s garcon tee from here on What Santi Wore a while back, and I think it’s a really good quality brand. The only problem is there aren’t many UK stockists that I can find online (Cissy Wears is one), so the shipping added a bit to these sale purchases, sadly.

5. Lacoste pumps in burgundy, Schuh1. (8)

Finally, here’s one more pair of shoes! These seem like quite a sturdy material, so hopefully they’ll last through Santi’s whirlwind marching around. I’m quite into burgundy at the moment as it goes with so many colours. I love that these are really versatile and could be worn with joggers or more formal trousers.

Oh, and just one more … while I was on Kid and Kind I couldn’t resist buying a little something for the new arrival! Get set for some sibling twinning in the summer…

1. (9)

And the best thing about online shopping (apart from beating the crowds)? Getting proper mail that’s not just bank statements! Come on Mr Postman…