Pregnancy update: Weeks 20-24

Hello! This is my second proper pregnancy update, which is ridiculous as I’m now 24 weeks along, but time is flying by so fast that I just haven’t had time to sit down and think about it.

If you read my last post, you’ll know we had a bit of a tough week with Santi being ill, which then resulted in him being sent home from nursery on his first day back with a ear infection. So he’s now on antibiotics, but thankfully back to his usual cheeky self. Add long days at work plus a Sunday in the office and Stew being on call to the mix and we haven’t stopped.

Anyway, onto the pregnancy update, which is what I’m here for…

Bump and body:

Well it happened. My bump has popped and I’m definitely starting to look pregnant. I guess at 24 weeks (or six months … SIX MONTHS!) pregnant I should, but it has still come as a surprise.

Although I think it’s pretty obvious to see that I’m pregnant, I was at an event one night this week and after making a joke to someone about not being able to do my coat up she looked at me oddly and I had to point my bump out. Then someone else asked if I was pregnant, so maybe it’s not that obvious to people who don’t know me and I just look like I’ve eaten a bit too much.

I’ve had a few more nosebleeds this fortnight, which apparently is normal but not very pleasant. One was while I was trying to eat my tea, while Santi sat on my lap ramming sweet potato chips into my Quorn pie. Yep, that’s life when you’re pregnant with a toddler!

Don’t laugh, but I think I’m developing cankles. Yes, cankles. My legs and feet are merging into one, and it’s very attractive. Oh well, I guess I’ll lie with my feet up if I have to…

Bump cropped
24 week bump


Everything’s been fine over the last couple of weeks. I had an appointment with the consultant and there are no concerns – I was in there for less than five minutes (after a nearly two hour wait!) We listened to baby’s heartbeat, and my bump was measuring a week small – this is a good thing because as they’re monitoring me for possible gestational diabetes they’re concerned I might have an overly large baby. I’ve been booked in for a growth scan at 28 weeks, so we get to have a little look at baby again before he or she is born, which is one bonus of being consultant led I guess.


What’s been lovely over the last couple of weeks is feeling proper kicks, rather than little wriggles. After I eat, he or she goes a bit mad kicking around, and the same when I go to bed. Santi was very active (and still is … uh oh, I’m growing another wild one!), so it’s reassuring to feel regular kicks this time around too. It’s nice to feel them during the weeks where baby has plenty of space to move around as I know it won’t be long before everything gets a bit squashed.

Baby is the size of … a sweetcorn (or a foot-long according to one website, which I’m sure can’t be right – that’s huge!). He or she is also considered viable at 24 weeks, which isn’t a nice word, but it’s reassuring to know they will only get stronger from this point on.

We think it’s … There’s a bit of a divide going on at the moment. Stew still thinks it’s a boy, but I’ve been thinking maybe it’s a girl. This is purely because my bump feels wider than last time rather than all in front, which could be down to the amount of Dairy Milk I’ve consumed. Also, my skin is still a bit dodgy rather than glowing as it should in the second trimester, and we all know what the old wives’ tales say about girls stealing your looks!

Weight gain: 

I think between 10 and 12 pounds, which is three or four pounds on since week 20. According to Baby Centre I should have put on about a stone and a half by now, but I think I’m roughly the same as with Santi so I’m not too concerned.

We’ve bought:

We stocked up on bottles at the Asda baby event (really pretty purple and green ones), and bought a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine as it was half price (plus I had an Amazon voucher so got it for £10!). I’ve heard amazing things about it, and even if I end up breastfeeding for longer than I expect to and only use it a handful of times it’ll be worth it.

Apart from that we’re still being a bit laid back on the shopping front. I’d love a new pram, but can’t really justify it, and we’ll try to time Santi moving into a small bed with the baby going into his cot so won’t need new nursery furniture.


It’s really bad, but Diet Coke. My office is so ridiculously hot I need cold drinks, and water just doesn’t cut it. I’m trying not to drink it much because of the sweetners, but some days it’s all that will cut it and I have to cave in.

This week I’m looking forward to:

A meal out with my mammy group. Some of us had a takeaway last week and it was lovely catching up with them, so it’ll be really nice to see everyone next Saturday. The only problem is that Stew is on call, so I’ll have my fingers crossed that there are no emergencies at least until after I’ve eaten!

I also desperately need a haircut (don’t judge me, but I haven’t been since september!) so I’ll book one hopefully for next weekend.

I think that sums the last few weeks up, I’ll try not to be so rubbish with the updates from now on and am planning a maternity fashion post so keep an eye out if you fancy checking out what I’ve been dressing the bump in!

27 thoughts on “Pregnancy update: Weeks 20-24

  1. firsttimevalleymam says:

    Wow, times flying, where is it going too! Hope santis ear infection clears pretty quickly, they are a nightmare!
    I wouldn’t worry about the craving to much surely liquid has to be better than no liquid?

  2. nessjibberjabberuk says:

    I remember when I was pregnant second time around and someone asked me if I was pregnant. They were quite shocked when I told them I was due in six weeks! I think we always feel bigger than we actually are.

  3. Kerry norris says:

    Wow what an amazing price for that perfect prep machine. You must be very chuffed. Your bump still looks so small. It’s lovely. You look fab. I had a few nosebleeds whilst pregnant too. Very strange. I guess there’s worse cravings to have than diet coke x

  4. Tori Gabriel says:

    Awww, I remember this so well (though it seems a long time ago now). I hated the period where you just look fat rather than pregnant. Still, it doesn’t last long. Congrats on passing viability day!

  5. Alina says:

    This is super cute. Congrats firstly and secondly, I can’t believe about the diet coke – maybe it’s the caffeine …? Have a try of ice tea / frappochinos haha (just an idea)

    I’ve not been pregnant but really interested to see if I get cravings…

    Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  6. Jess Helicopter says:

    I want to see a photo of the cankles! Hehe! Only teasing. I had really awful skin with Joni and it was fine with Gus. So i think you might be right. Your bump is so neat! I can see why people would not tell at first glance.

    • alanaperrin says:

      Oh you’re the first person to say they also had nosebleeds. I think it’s normal but a bit annoying. We’re not finding out, although with another scan coming up it is tempting x

  7. Idaintyit says:

    Aww such a little bump. You couldn’t tell I was pregnant until about 8 months! I literally did just look fat haha never wore maternity tops as they were too big. I was a bit gutted lol exciting times ahead

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