Pregnancy update: My 30 week bump and the “final countdown”

30 week bump

How on earth can there only be 10 weeks left until due date?! And with induction already being mentioned, probably even less than that until we meet our baby?! I’m feeling very unprepared at the moment and time is flying by so quickly I need to get sorted.

Since my last update, Stew has run a half marathon and been on a stag do to Prague (no, I’m not jealous in any way), we’ve done a mammoth Ikea shop ready to get Santi’s new bedroom started and had some lovely family days out, especially our trips to Tenby and Folly Farm.

The big news is that we have a new niece! Stew’s sister had a baby girl nearly two weeks early, so Santi has gained two cousins in less than three months. She’s adorable and Santi loves going to see her, which is great! It’s a bit worrying that she’s cried every time I’ve held her though (and so has our other little niece) … I don’t think newborns like me!

I’ve been hurled into the world of hospital appointments, with the usual consultant meetings, seeing the diabetic team and growth scans. I don’t like to wish time away, but trying to fit all this in around a full-time job and a toddler isn’t fun. Anyway, we’ll get to that…

Bump and body:

I look like I’ve swallowed a football, or a giant Easter egg, which would be the preferred option.

Getting dressed became a bit of a struggle last week (especially for work) as my maternity jeans were the only things I felt comfortable in. I had a quick look around the shops and got a bit annoyed at how terrible maternity sections are. If the shops are anything to go by, pregnant women only wear vests and leggings … I’m not sure how well that look would go down in my daily news conferences! I bought a few jersey dresses from the non-maternity section and a striped dress from H&M that’s so big I still fit into a small with room to spare!

The rest of me looks perfectly normal, apart from my ankles which are quite swollen by the end of the day, which is maybe why my belly looks so out of proportion.

My nose bleeds have calmed down, but I’ve started to get Braxton Hicks contractions this week, which caught me a bit unawares!

30 week bump


Since my last update I’ve had two appointments with the diabetic team, a growth scan and seen the pregnancy consultant. The diabetes clinic has gone the same way as last time … I don’t fit into any of the gestational diabetes categories and nobody knows why I have it. That doesn’t really help when you’re being told you have to stick to a low carb diet and test your blood sugar four times a day.

I was actually told off for not putting on enough weight by this stage (even though when I was pregnant with Santi I didn’t put any weight on at all in the last two months and nobody queried it), and was told to eat more – though more of what I’m not sure.

The only positive was that the dietitian I saw this time around was more realistic than last time and told me if I get the odd high reading it’s fine … she even uttered the sentence “if you want to eat two Easter eggs on Easter Sunday, go for it”. I ate one on Monday and it was the best thing ever!

I was tested for type one diabetes (for no apparent reason), which came back clear, and had my routine 28 week blood tests. Typically, the only appointment of this pregnancy when Stew didn’t come with me ended with me almost fainting in the phlebotomy room. It was a bit embarrassing, but could be down to also having low iron levels (they just keep hitting me with the good news!). I’d been feeling a bit spaced out lately, so it’s reassuring to know there’s a medical reason and it’s not just baby brain. So to add to the blood testing, I have to remember to take iron supplements twice a day.

The upside to diabetes is regular growth scans, and we got to say hello to little baby again two weeks ago. As expected, he or she is a little on the big side (two weeks ahead, eek!) but I was a bit shocked when the sonographer said it was head down … hopefully it was just at that time and not getting ready to make an appearance! We had a lovely clear image on the screen, and everything is developing as it should, which is reassuring. All healthy, just a big bubba!

I’ve a week off from appointments, then it’s another growth scan, consultant and diabetic clinic all within two days … and shuffling shifts to fit it all in!


Still lots of wriggles and kicks, which I love … although baby did have a bit of a jig during my eye test, which made concentrating a bit difficult! Some kicks are so strong I feel as if someone has shoved me from inside … this is one strong baby!

Baby is the size of a … Cabbage! Which is quite funny as Stew bought two this week thinking they were cauliflowers (don’t ask). While googling this I’ve had a mini panic that all the pregnancy sites describe 30 weeks as “the final countdown” … we are in no way prepared at the moment, so reading about getting ready and enjoying the last few weeks is not what I need. Where is time going?!

We think it’s a… Stew has said boy all along and is sticking to his word. I can’t decide, but gave some old wives’ gender prediction tests a go to see if they were any help! Whatever the gender, baby is destined to be called just that for a fair while after birth as we agree on no names at all … uh oh! We’ve even gone off our first choice girl’s name from last time, which isn’t good! Throw any suggestions my way please…

Weight gain: 

Around 16lbs and it’s all bump.

We’ve bought:

Baby number two finally has some clothes of his or her own! We popped to Cardiff this week and I was determined not to leave without a couple of outfits. I did get a bit annoyed at the amount of grey and beige in the gender neutral sections, but did eventually find some monochrome and even added a splash of colour (thank you H&M). I’ll post separately on our purchases some time this week.

This week I’m looking forward to:

I’m back in work after a week off, and worked both Easter Sunday, which is a bit rubbish, but have plans to meet my lovely friends from uni this weekend. We struggle to find time to get together with work and family lives so it’s always good to get a date in the diary.

I also plan to make a start on my hospital bag – just in case…

So that’s it for this update. Let the final countdown begin!