A gender neutral baby clothes haul from H&M

Finally baby number two has the makings of a wardrobe … with 10 weeks to go it was about time we thought about actually buying something!

During our week off work we popped to Cardiff for a few hours – mainly to go to Ikea, but I was determined while we were there to go into the shops and hunt out some teeny tiny baby outfits. After getting a bit frustrated at the limited gender neutral sections in most shops (I think the majority of people must find out what they’re having), and everything being beige or grey, we headed to H&M … and what a saviour it was!

There was a lot more scope for buying clothes that will suit either gender, and you can either mix and match tops and trousers or buy little sets. We came out with four outfits, which although might not be to everyone’s tastes were perfect for us.

So here are baby’s first little flat-lays…

grey stripes

bunny stripe 2

These will all be mix and match garments, which can suit either gender by pairing with different colours. For now, I’ve put the plain grey vest with cream and grey striped trousers, and a cream vest with pale grey bunnies with a darker grey pair of striped trousers. Both the vests and leggings came in pairs and cost £6.99 each.


Next up is a hat, vest and trousers combo in a really funky grid design. The vest has a nice ribbed texture, and like the pair above has poppers down the side, which I think it a nice touch. This is probably more on the boy side, but I wouldn’t dress a girl in overly girly fussy clothes anyway, so I think either way we’ll get our wear out of it. The set cost £7.99, which I think is a bargain!

And not that I’m saving my favourite for last … but I totally am! Check this little beauty out…


I’m in love with this super cute fish design, and it’s a nice pop of colour. Being a June baby, hopefully he or she will be able to get their little arms and legs out over the summer, and this is just so cute for a nice sunny day. A short sleeved vest, tiny shorts and a little matching hat … all for £6.99!

I’ve also bought a pack of seven vests from M&S to get us started on the millions I know we’ll go through. They each have a different animal on the front and the days of the week … I can guarantee by day three we’ll have the wrong day vest on!

So that’s a start … I know we’ll need a lot more, but at least now baby won’t be coming home from hospital naked!

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