Pregnancy update: 32 week bump and the anti Slimming World

Apologies for the late post again, but I’ve had a few technical issues this week (I tried to do something a bit too advanced for my basic IT skills and lost my whole blog … Oops!). So my 32-week update comes as I hit 33 weeks.
Apart from the slight blog panic, the last fortnight has consisted of going back to work from a week off, taking a few days off again with food poisoning (damn Stew and his homemade custard slice!), meeting friends for coffee and lunch in Cardiff, and a blogging conference.

We’ve spent a bit of time sorting Santi’s new bedroom, and it’s looking good so far. There’s a new carpet in there, the walls have been painted and all his furniture is set up. We just need to buy a few little bits to finish it off and it’ll be done. Santi’s slept in there for the last three nights (in his cot before we attempt a bed), and it’s been a bit hit and miss. The first night filled us with a false sense of confidence as he slept through, but he’s been waking with a cough since then and struggling to get back to sleep. At least he’s in there before the baby comes so he doesn’t feel like he’s been usurped. We just need to start on the nursery again now … there’s always a project!

So that’s a bit about what we’ve been up to … onto the pregnancy update…

Bump and body:

Today on the way to work, a man (drunk, I hope) took it upon himself to repeatedly shouted “bumpy” across the road at me. It could have been worse I suppose, but after having blood tests and waiting 15 minutes for a coffee I didn’t really have time to stop for in the first place, I wasn’t in the mood for it. It does go to show the size of my bump now, which is slowly taking over my entire body. I’ve also been told I look “ready to pop”, which isn’t great when I have just over seven weeks to go!

I don’t have many photos of my bump with Santi, but two years ago this week I went on a girly weekend and one of my friends took a few shots, which I can now use to compare the size of my bump. The left pic was taken in 2014 and the right is this week … which do you think looks bigger? (I’m not sure why I look so manic in one and half asleep in the other … pre and post-baby energy levels maybe!)

Untitled design

Other symptoms have been heartburn, leg cramps (mainly at night and I have to get out of bed for them to go away), swollen feet and ankles, tiredness … I could go on! I’ve also been getting weird feelings in my stomach which aren’t painful, but aren’t exactly comfortable either. It’s like there isn’t any room for baby to move, so when it does attempt to shift position everything else has to move out of the way to make space. It has caught my breath a few times, so I think my lungs must be getting crushed!


Since my last update I’ve had another scan, seen the consultant and diabetic team, and had a blood test to check my iron levels again. Not much then…

I’ll start with the scan because that’s the nicest of them all. I said in my last update that I was hoping baby’s growth had evened out as it was measuring two weeks ahead. Well, that didn’t happen! Baby’s head and stomach were measuring around 34 weeks at 31 weeks and three days, and its legs were 35 weeks – so on average three weeks ahead. Excellent. We were given an estimated weight of 5lbs at that point – a bit of googling told me the average weight at 31 weeks is 3lbs something, so this isn’t going to be a small one (as the sonographer took great delight in pointing out).

Nevertheless, it was lovely to see bubba again. It was wriggling around just as it has been for all the scans, and had its hand up by its face again – I think we might have a thumb sucker! And as tempting as it might be with all these extra scans, we still didn’t find out the gender … we’ve come so far now we’re not giving in!

The consultant appointment, as usual, consisted of a longer wait than the amount of time actually spent with her. This was all fine, but what was interesting was that when she measured my bump itself, it was spot on for 31 weeks, so I don’t know where baby is hiding this extra three weeks’ of growth!

The diabetic clinic didn’t go quite so well. I hadn’t put on any weight in a fortnight (probably to do with the food poisoning), so I was heavily frowned upon and told off. I’ve been warned that I need to put on weight by the end of next week, so if anyone has any idea how I can fatten up while not eating carbs or treats, please let me know!

I realised this week that with all the hospital appointments I haven’t seen my actual midwife in months, so I’d better give her a ring to check that’s normal … but to be honest, I don’t think I’d be able to fit anyone else in.


As I mentioned above, baby’s movements have changed a bit over the last couple of weeks and I can tell there’s not as much room for it to roll around. The kicks feel the same, but bigger movements are definitely more restricted. Hopefully with not much room left it means not much more growing … I can wish!

Baby is the size of a… large jicama (nope, I have no idea either). Apparently it’s one of these…

I'm still no clearer...
I’m still no clearer…

We think it’s a… Boy. I think a girl would be measuring smaller. Plus, with everyone I know saying they think it’s a girl I’m going the opposite way. I did get a bit annoyed the other day as a few people have said they “hope it’s a girl”, as if they’d be disappointed if we have another boy. It’s not like we have any say in the matter, and we certainly don’t mind so I don’t know why anyone else would!

Weight gain:

It’s actually a weight loss this time. I’ve gone from putting on 16lbs to 14lbs … I’d best get eating before the next anti-Slimming World diabetic meeting or they’ll be force feeding me butter.

We’ve bought:

Nothing yet again! I did intend to start my hospital bag shopping before work yesterday but ended up going for a blood test to check my iron levels. I’d really better get moving because we’re into single figures on the countdown now and I’m convinced this (not-so) little one is coming early!

This week I’m looking forward to:

I’m working my last Sunday shift this weekend – they tend to be nearly 12 hours long, so while I’m not looking forward to the shift itself I’ll know when it’s over that I don’t have to work another one for a looooong time. We’re giving a hypnobirthing course a go, and that starts on Thursday (look out for the review next week), and then we’re going on a trip to Folly Farm with the baby group, which I’m really looking forward to because we never all get together and we’ve been planning it for ages!

That’s about it, I’ll try to get the next one done one time!