34 week pregnancy update: Restless nights and a “huge giant baby”

It feels like a lot has happened since my 32 week update, even though it was only a few weeks ago. Stew has run an actual full marathon, I’ve worked my last weekend shift, and Santi has moved into his new bedroom (and big boy bed!).

We also had a very busy long weekend, consisting of toddler gymnastics (where I got stuck in a crash mat), soft play, a birthday party and trip to Folly Farm, which Santi loved but wore me out! I know I’m getting to the stage now where I need to take it easy, but that actually seems impossible.

Santi's first face paint
Santi’s first face paint at the birthday party

Bump and body:

I’m really starting to feel it as we get closer to the end. As impossible as it seems, my bump is still growing and feels like it’s getting heavier every day. I must be getting slower too because I leave for work at the same time, park in the same place, but actually get to the office about five minutes late!

A new symptom that I didn’t get with Santi is pain at the top of my legs – as if I’ve pulled some muscles (probably the weight of the bump). It hurts to stand on one leg, and makes turning over in bed painful. My sleep has been broken for the last few days as I’m finding it really hard to get comfortable. I have to keep swapping sides, which with the leg pain isn’t the nicest!

So basically it’s all whinging! Sorry to anyone who has this to come, I’m not exactly selling it!

35 week bump
35 week bump


It’s been a double appointment week, with a scan and the consultant, then the diabetic team. The scan went well and there are no problems with baby, which is good, but it is still measuring on the big side – still around three to four weeks ahead. The sonographer nicely described him or her as “cuddly”, while the consultant went for the slightly less kind “you have a huge, giant baby”, then tried to backtrack with “compared with you because you’re so small”. She also randomly turned to Stew and said “you’re not big, why is the baby so big?!” I think I’m a bit of an enigma to them.

We were told all along that Santi would be big though and it turned out that he was just very long, so hopefully this one will be the same.

The diabetic team decided to drop a bit of a bombshell this week. There was no mention of my lack of weight gain (I wasn’t even weighed) because they were so pleased they might have a solution for my random gestational diabetes. I’d had blood tests a few weeks ago and wasn’t really sure what for – I nearly passed out so didn’t really take in what they said – but it turns out I have a predisposition for type one diabetes. So, instead of being told off for not eating enough, I suddenly had to take in the news that I have a certain type of antibodies that are slowly attacking my pancreas. It was a bit much to get my head around, and having to go straight to work from the appointment means I still haven’t really thought about it properly. The only positive is that it’s not genetic, so hopefully isn’t something Santi and the baby will have to deal with.

Baby is the size of a… cantaloupe melon or a butternut squash. I went through about five websites to find this … I think they’re trying to hide how big the baby is at this stage!

We think it’s a… Boy. No change here – if anything I’m more convinced Santi’s having a brother. When we had the scan, the sonographer suddenly turned and said “you don’t know what you’re having do you? Maybe we should have a sweepstake and I won’t say I’ve scanned you”, which means she had a sneaky peak! It wouldn’t matter to most people, but Stew works in that department and his colleagues now know if it’s a boy or a girl!

What is stressing me out is our lack of name choices. We were considering a couple but I’ve gone off them this week and I don’t think Stew was convinced by them anyway. We haven’t even looked at girls’ names!

Weight gain:

Don’t ask. If I don’t laugh I’ll cry, as it seems to be physically impossible for me to gain weight at the moment. I had another bout of what seemed to be food poisoning, and have been stuck at the same weight for a month now. I’ve introduced snacks between every meal, and even added double cream to my pre-bed snack in the hope of gaining a few pounds, but nope, nothing!  I did have to laugh the other day though as I read that sugar-free jelly was a safe treat if you have gestational diabetes … it might satisfy a sugar craving, but at 5cals it’s not going to bulk me up! I should have gained between 22 and 28lbs by now apparently, not 14!

We’ve bought:

I’ve finally done my hospital bag shop, so need to sort it into what’s coming with me and what’s staying at home. I ended up doing it online just so it was sorted as getting to Boots seemed impossible with everything else going on.

Getting organised, slowly

I bought a few outfits in Mothercare, which I’ll post separately, and have a few little bits in my Next online basket ready to go … for some reason I can’t commit when I’m online shopping and always leave it for a few days!

Oh, and we’ve started painting the nursery now that Santi’s in his new room. Stew thinks I’ve gone mad because instead of my initial grey cloud theme I decided on a “whimsical pastel” room … which means absolutely nothing except that I want my little pear and apple lamps to fit in! The problem is that the paint is a bit brighter on the wall than I’d anticipated, so it might end up being more of a rainbow room!

This week I’m looking forward to:

We don’t have much planned this week, but I am looking forward to the nursery taking shape. It’s a bit of a mess in there at the moment and I can’t buy decorative bits until I know what the paint is going to look like. It’s really boring, but I think that’s it!

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  1. Cardiff Mummy Says - Cathryn says:

    Aww, not long to go now but those last few weeks often seem to go on forever. Sorry to hear you are feeling so uncomfortable. I had bad hip pain with my second and third children, it is so hard when you already have children to run around after and can’t just relax x

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