Family days out in South Wales: Chasing bluebells in Clyne Gardens

THIS weekend we managed to catch the one sunny day to go out for a walk and explore a park I’ve wanted to visit for a while. I’d read that the bluebell wood should be in full bloom, and wanted to find the Japanese bridge, so it was off to Clyne Gardens between Swansea and Mumbles for a spin.

The fact that it would make for some lovely photos for a blog post (I got a bit obsessed with all the amazing family photos taken in lavender fields in the autumn and wanted to do something similar) was just a bonus … Of course!

Typically, we parked in the wrong car park – for Clyne Valley instead of the actual park – so had a little walk before we got there, and then had a bit of an uphill trek to find the bluebell wood. Santi headed off in the opposite direction to explore, and it took some coaxing him back off a wooden bridge to come with us.bridge
When we finally got back on track, Santi was very excited to find out that grandma and grandpa were joining us for the walk … And started squealing when he saw my mother hiding behind a tree.     We walked over a lovely Italian stone bridge and stopped to look at (or pick, in Santi’s case) some wild garlic and then to smell the flowers lining the path … It was a slow walk! We finally found some bluebells – though they were the white kind – and Santi thought it was hilarious when Stew picked him up and plonked him in the middle of the flowers. We swiftly took him back out when he started pulling out handfuls of them…  After walking past a little dog cemetery – and another entrance that would have saved us a long walk – we finally found the bluebells!

It was trickier than I expected trying to get Santi to pose for photos, but I’m really pleased with our little collection…        Just before Santi had enough and was ready to move on, we managed to get one nice family photo.  And then he was off! If you’d like to see more of our photos and adventures, give Baby Holiday a like on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram 


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