Packing for labour: What’s in my hospital bag?

FOR some reason I love reading people’s hospital bag posts to see what they take in for labour and post-birth, so I thought I’d do my own now that my bag is finally all packed.

I’ve trimmed it down to what I think are the essentials this time, as with Santi I definitely packed a lot of things that weren’t at all necessary. There was no time for calming lavender spray or bendy straws to drink my water through with a three-and-a-half hour labour! I keep being told to expect it to be even shorter this time, but will have to stay in until baby passes three blood sugar tests because of my gestational diabetes, so most of what I’ve packed is for after the birth.

I’m taking an Ollie and Nic bag with a cute flamingo print (not that that’s important, but I think it’s pretty), and have tried to divide the contents into separate bags so it’s easy to find things. I know from last time that some midwives are strict about keeping the area around your bed clear, so it’s not a good idea to take a huge suitcase or lots of bags that will get in their way.

What's in my hospital bag

So, we have the main bag, baby things in the house print bag, and my toiletries and make up in the travel print bag – these both fit into the big bag – and of course, my lovely yellow maternity notes.

Clothes for me:

Hospital bag clothes for me

This is what I’ve packed for me to wear. As we get closer to d-day with no sign of baby it’s highly likely that I’ll be going in for my planned induction rather than spontaneous labour, so I’ve had to fit in enough clothes to keep me going in case it takes a few days. So, I have a pair of maternity leggings, two baggy t-shirts and a t-shirt dress to wear during the day (I still wanted to get dressed and not wear pyjamas all day when I went in to be induced with Santi). I also have two pairs of dark coloured pyjama trousers, a nightie (which hopefully I won’t wear as I’ll ask for a hospital gown to give birth in), and a maternity vest to sleep in. For after the birth I have two nursing bras and two nursing vests, all from H&M. I’ve also packed slippers, a really thin dressing gown and obviously underwear!


Hospital bag toiletries

I’ve probably got a few too many bits here, but as Stew won’t be able to stay with me the whole time as he’ll need to be with Santi I’ve packed some little treats to keep me going. The essentials are obviously toothbrush and toothpaste, face wipes, contact lens cleaner and case, glasses and deodorant. I splashed out on Bumble and Bumble mini shampoo, conditioner and surf spray so I can feel as if I’m pampering myself, and have been hanging onto travel sized bottles of Elemis bath milk and body wash … I somehow missed the fact that there are huge baths in the antenatal ward last time, but will be making the most of them if I’m waiting around this time! I’ve also packed a few hair bobbles and clips to keep my hair off my face while in labour.

Make up:

Hospital bag make up

I know make up should be the last thing on my mind, but honestly I looked like death after having Santi so there’s no way I’ll be having visitors without a little something to sort my face out! This is a very trimmed down version of my make up bag and includes … a primer, BB cream, concealer, powder (I wouldn’t bother but I realised after buying the BB cream that it was too pale so I need a bit more colour), mascara and blusher.

Post-birth essentials:

Hospital bag post-birth bits and pieces

This is a combination of items for me and baby. There are nappies (I think I’ve packed 10 size 1s), Water Wipes (last time I planned to use cotton wool and water until a midwife told me it was impossible to clean up meconium without wipes!), Boots maternity pads, Lansinoh breast pads and nipple cream, and a bottle in case I need to formula feed.

Baby clothes:

Hospital bag baby clothes

I’ve kept it fairly light when packing baby clothes as Stew can always bring some more bits up if we have to stay in for a few days. I have four plain vests, four neutral babygros and two muslins (from Ikea of all places). I’m undecided on baby’s coming home outfit at the moment, but it will either be the little milk bottle print babygro or the zebra outfit. We dressed Santi in the zebra vest, leggings and hat to come home and I can’t make my mind up if it would be nicer for both babies to have worn the same outfit or having their own. It’s been really warm for the last few days, but I need to add a blanket in case it cools down. Stew can always have this ready in the car anyway.

Bits and pieces:

Hospital bag bits and pieces

These are the random bits that don’t really fit into any other category. We have the “big camera” (fully charged and with a memory card that can transfer photos to my phone), iPhone and charger, purse (the hospital now has a Costa, which will obviously be my top priority), a book, and iPod speakers in case we have time to hook up some music while I’m in labour. When I was in with Santi we forgot some crucial wire for this and ended up having to listen to Heart FM … I wasn’t too impressed that he was born to Robbie Williams!

And that’s it. No fancy massage oils or candles for me … hopefully it’ll all be too quick for that! If you think I’m missing anything crucial let me know in the comments below…

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