Introducing our littlest man

SOMEHOW our littlest man is already two weeks old, and we haven’t properly introduced him. He’s now settled in at home and has officially been registered (at last), so it’s time to say hello to our new family member…

Say hello to little Ezra
Say hello to little Ezra

Name: Ezra James

Born: At 5.28pm on his due date, as Dustland Fairytale by the Killers was playing

Features: Dark hair, grey/blue eyes, tall

Role: Little brother to Santino, chief nighttime waker-upper, milk guzzler

Skills: Fooling you into believing he’s fallen asleep, only to wake up the second he touches down in the Moses basket or as food is ready; sleeping through ridiculous noise levels; can frown as well as Santi

Likes: Curling up on your chest to sleep, milk, attention from his big brother

Dislikes: Milk not being ready the second he wakes up, having his nappy changed

First trip out of the house: To Starbucks at two days old and he didn’t wake the whole time he was out of the house

Finally registered!
Finally registered!