Siblings: When Santi met Ezra

THERE has never been a more heart-meltingly perfect moment than seeing Santi lean over Ezra’s hospital cot to give him a kiss the first time they met.
While I was pregnant I was so worried that adding a baby to the family would be too big a change for Santi to adapt to, that he would refuse to come into the house (like my brother apparently did when I was born), or resent me and Stew for focussing our attention away from him.
So far it turns out my worries were unfounded. Our biggest boy has done us proud over the past three weeks.
The day our babies met was nerve-wracking as I waited in hospital for Stew and Santi to arrive, wondering what his reaction would be. But when I saw his little face peep around the curtain with a shy smile, saying “mammy, baby” I knew we’d be fine.
He went straight to the cot to look in and asked me to pick Ezra up for him to see. There was no jealousy, he didn’t get upset, and it all felt weirdly normal.

My boys
My boys

The ward was so stuffy that we went down to the day room, but the appeal of traipsing up and down the corridor peeking into every ward was too much for Santi so we headed back to my little cubicle for him to sit down and have a look through the activity bag I’d packed. Ezra was even allowed a football sticker on his cot, so they must be best buds.
Before leaving, Santi leant over the cot again to give Ezra a kiss goodbye and said “see you later baby, caru ti” (love you in Welsh) and headed off to look for ambulances. I have to admit I was a little bit misty-eyed at that point.

Siblings meeting
Just too sweet

When we got home later that evening Santi was excited to see Ezra again, wanting him to wake up so he could see him. We managed to distract him from rocking the car seat with a wooden circus set we’d bought him from Ezra. He loved it, and three weeks on he still says “baby bought me circus”, which I think is really sweet.
The four of us have settled in to a new kind of chaos at home. Santi seems happy to have a little brother and is always telling us if he is awake, asleep or crying (as if we weren’t aware of the added noise), and is already bossing him around.

Already giving orders

He finds it hilarious watching Ezra have his nappy changed … Something to do with the incident where Stew nearly got showered with baby wee. Now he wants Ezra to wee everywhere during each nappy change. As funny as it is to a two-year-old, I’m not such a fan of the whole outfit change when it does happen!
He often lies down next to Ezra with their faces really close together so he can say hello (or “ello baby”), and asks to hold him on his lap, which doesn’t last long when he remembers how heavy he is!


Ezra looks twice the size of Santi!

He’s helped us to feed Ezra, scoops the milk powder into the bottle, brings nappies for changing, and gives Ezra tickles to try and make him smile … What more could we ask for?


Hilarious yawning

The only slight problem we’ve encountered is Santi wanting to use things that are Ezra’s. For a few days he insisted on climbing into the Moses basket (I was convinced we’d be buying a new one after a week), and he wanted to sit in the new bouncy chair, which would never take his weight. Luckily, with Ezra being born so close to Santi’s birthday a few visitors have brought presents over for the two of them so it hasn’t looked like he’s been missing out. My father turning up with a scooter was perfect timing for avoiding a crushed bouncer!

There were two in the bed…

Of course it’s still early days and we can’t assume the two will get on forever, but at the moment it’s lovely to see them together … Let’s just hope the friendship lasts at least until Ezra is old enough to dish back some of the bossing around!

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