What the boys wore: Stars and stripes

THE weather hasn’t exactly been summery for July, so sadly all the lovely shorts and t-shirts I optimistically bought have stayed in the wardrobe and we’ve been in trousers and long sleeves.

I did a big Zara shop for Santi a couple of months ago, and bought two rompers / dungarees that were intended to see us through Autumn. It seems we’re going to get the wear out of them in the summer instead. I don’t mind though because I love them, especially this grey one.

Romper and striped tee, Zara; Shoes, Clarks
Romper and striped tee, Zara; Shoes, Clarks

The romper is a textured grey colour, with a creamy yellow star on the front. There’s a pocket and buttons down the back, and it’s quite a stretchy fabric which makes it nice and easy for getting on and off. We’ve also paired it with a white long sleeved tee with little trees on, which is also from Zara.


Hopefully we’ll get Santi into some of his new shorts and t-shirts before next week’s post!

Ezra’s outfit this week is a bit special because it’s actually what Santi wore home from hospital when he was born. It’s a little vest with a zebra print on and striped leggings that came as a set from H&M. There’s a matching hat, but I didn’t manage to get a photo with it on. And look, he’s smiling!!!

H&M do loads of these three piece sets, which are great value. They tend to come in sizes 1-2 months, 2-4 months etc, which is really handy for when your little one is between regular sizes.

That’s it for this week! I’ve done a little bit of sneaky online shopping so we might feature something other than Zara for a change in the coming weeks!

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3 thoughts on “What the boys wore: Stars and stripes

  1. This Mama Life says:

    Yay for Zara rompers! They are always a winner and look super stylish. I’m in love with the little zebra outfit from H&M – may have to try and find it or something similar for our new baba to be! Great outfits as always lovey. Thanks so much for linking up 🙂 #weekendtotstyle

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