A tour of the new Next store in Swansea – and what we bought

THIS week we were invited to have a look around the new Next store at Morfa Retail Park in Swansea … And of course I couldn’t resist doing a bit of shopping while we were there.

The store has moved down a couple of units from where it was so there is more space for a home department. The furniture range on display now is a huge appeal, and something the staff are really proud of. Next furniture is so lovely (we invested in a bed and wardrobe when we bought our house) but it can be difficult to choose what you want from a catalogue or online without seeing it in real life. The new store has space for a fair few set-ups downstairs, with settees, arm chairs, dining tables etc all arranged into living spaces so you can see the potential for a whole room.

Upstairs there is more homewear, with mock bedrooms showing the beds, wardrobes, drawers etc on offer, as well as a range of accessories.

There are also large women’s, men’s, children’s and babies’ clothes sections, a lingerie department and shoe room, so you can do all your outfit shopping in one store. And if like me you need a pit stop, there’s a Costa on the first floor.

Now onto what I treated us to…

I’ll be honest, Next isn’t usually a store I’d head to when looking for new clothes for myself. Our local branch is fairly small and I don’t do a lot of online shopping because I like to have the item I’m buying in my hand. But it was really nice browsing the bigger sections, especially the shoe room and denim range. I threw a lot of old jeans out recently when I cleared out my wardrobe, then regretted it slightly when I realised how much I wear them!

So this is what I bought for me…

Slouch skinny jeans, £28; khaki badge tee, £16; letter make up bag, £8
Slouch skinny jeans, £28; khaki badge tee, £16; letter make up bag, £8

These slouch jeans are a nice alternative to skinny jeans, and I like the red stitching on the turn-ups. They’re also a fair bit cheaper than my usual Topshop jeans! I end to find Next sizes a bit bigger than other shops, so it’s best to try these on before buying them or you’ll end up going back to get a smaller pair like I did. I bought a t-shirt with patches on to go with the jeans, and a new make-up bag because mine is getting a bit grotty.

Onto Ezra’s little treats…

There were lots of things I liked in the babies’ autumn winter range, but I finally settled for a pair of knitted trousers and the cutest hat ever. The trousers are a harem shape, which I love for little ones, and are quite thick so they’ll be perfect for chilly days in the autumn (or summer, the way the weather seems to be at the moment). We were bought this top when Ezra was born, and it finishes off the outfit nicely…

Knitted fox hat, £6; little brother tee, £5.50-£6.50; grey knit look trousers, £6-£7
Knitted fox hat, £6; little brother tee, £5.50-£6.50; grey knit look trousers, £6-£7

And for Santi I bought a pack of three pairs of pyjamas because we never seem to find a matching set at home! We’ve got these in the long sleeve and trousers version, and I really like them because they’re a skinny fit, which is quite hard to find in PJs. The shorts and t-shirt style are a lot baggier, so I’d advice not to size up like I did – Santi now looks huge in them. Oh, and there’s only one pair in the pic because the others are already in the wash! There’s one white pair with London buses and taxis all over, and a green and white striped pair with three big vehicles on the front of the top, and this grey and blue pair.

London transport pyjamas, £22
London transport pyjamas, £22

Sadly I didn’t venture into the men’s section so Stew was left out of my little shopping spree (sorry!).

If you fancy a little look around, here’s a video I made from our visit (apologies for the slightly wobbly camera work!)…