Five Guys Cardiff review: Are the burgers worth the hype?

FIVE Guys restaurants seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment, and whenever a new one appears there is a lot of hype around it. But is it worth it?

I’ve been wanting to try one of their burgers for a while now, but have heard mixed reviews about them. Some people have raved about how amazing they are, while others have complained it is too expensive for a burger. Once, me and Stew even ventured in but changed our minds and played it safe at Pizza Express.

So when I was invited to Five Guys at the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff to try it out, I was there like a shot. It was the perfect chance to sample one of these much talked about burgers while catching up with some blogger friends.

Being a semi-veggie (which really means I’m fussy about meat and generally stick with chicken) I was worried there wouldn’t be enough choice. There are only three meat-free meals to choose from, and no chicken, but what can you expect from a burger chain? The options are a veggie sandwich (£3.75), veggie sandwich with cheese (£4.50) and a grilled cheese sandwich (£3.75). You then add all the toppings you fancy at no extra cost – there should be a warning that if you don’t order any toppings you’d just get a bun, as the veggie sandwich doesn’t include a pattie!

I went for the veggie sandwich with cheese and added tomato, lettuce, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, green peppers and BBQ sauce … and I loved it! If you go for enough fillings there really isn’t any need for a veggie pattie as there is more than enough to get through. There was so much flavour I was really impressed, and I loved how everything melted into the cheese. I couldn’t get enough of it. The burgers come wrapped in foil, which I suppose would annoy some people who might expect a plate, but I quite liked it as it was a bit different (it also keeps your burger warm if you’re trying to feed a baby at the same time).

Five Guys veggie sandwich with cheese and a shake
Five Guys veggie sandwich with cheese and a shake

For meat eaters there are hamburgers, cheese burgers, bacon burgers and bacon cheese burgers, which are all double patties (£6.75 – £8.75). There are “little” versions of each, which aren’t children’s portions, but single burgers (£4.75 – £6.75). You can add as many toppings to these as you like too.

We also shared large fries (£5) between a few of us – the portions are big enough to order one between two or three (I’d split between two just to make sure you have plenty, or go for one of each flavour), and there’s a choice of Five Guys style or cajun style. I loved the cajun ones as they were full of flavour but not too spicy.

A Five Guys hamburger with fries
A Five Guys hamburger with fries and shakes

And let’s talk about the shakes! Oh my gosh, they are amazing. You can choose from vanilla, peanut butter, malted milk, strawberry, salted caramel, cherry, banana, Oreo cookie pieces, and coffee, and can mix flavours together (£4.75). I went for chocolate and peanut butter, and I wasn’t disappointed. I already have my eye on chocolate and malted milk for next time. Oh, and you can even have bacon pieces mixed in! I’m not brave enough to give that a go.

If you want to save your milkshake for dessert there are also refillable soft drinks with a fancy machine that lets you choose all sorts of flavours, as well as beers and lagers.

Ezra had his eye on my shake!

All in all I had a great time at Five Guys in Cardiff. Yes, it’s pricey, but it would be great as a once-in-a-while treat. If you don’t believe me, just pop in for a shake and you’ll be a convert! I just need to get Stew in to convince him too!


Thank you to the Red Dragon Centre for inviting us to try out Five Guys, and to Cathryn at Cardiff Mummy Says for organising the evening.