Little things I’ve loved in August

THE summer is over and we’re into autumn – my favourite season! September always feels like a time for change – more so that January for some reason – so I thought I’d start a new little series of blog posts that I’ll share once a month.

It’ll be a round-up of things I’ve loved each month, and will feature a mixture of things for me, the house and the boys.

So here we go with August’s little loves…

My August loves
My August loves

1. Speech bubble chalk board, Primark, £2

I bought this little board in Primark in Newport when we went to get Ezra’s passport. I loved it as soon as I spotted it, and even though it was intended for Santi’s bedroom it’s now hanging in the dining room. I might eventually move it upstairs, but until we get around to putting some hooks in Santi’s room it can stay downstairs.

2. Oscar de la Renta sunglasses, TK Maxx, £12

These were an absolute bargain and I’ve worn them loads already. I didn’t check the brand when I picked them up, and have just been slinging them in the changing bag every time we go out. The other day I noticed that they’re a decent make so have been trying to take a bit better care of them!

3. Organic Children shampoo and conditioner, Green People, £9.50 each*

Ok, so Santi is still a bit challenged in the hair department, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look after what he does have (and we’re saving on haircuts!). This berry smoothie shampoo and conditioner smells absolutely gorgeous, and as he has quite sensitive skin it’s good to know that these are made with organic products that soothe and calm. I even gave Ezra a little shampoo and conditioner treatment the other night!

4. Dribble bibs, Funky Giraffe, from £2*

Funky Giraffe is a website with a huge range of bibs and burp cloths. There are so many colours and designs to choose from, but what I like is that they offer a lot of plain and dark coloured bibs. I struggle to find bibs that aren’t baby blue or have busy patterns on, and they don’t really go with Ezra’s outfits. I bought six bibs from Funky Giraffe, and five of them are grey! Oops! They’re double layered so they keep his little neck dry when he’s pretend drinking his milk and really just dribbling it down his chin. With prices starting from £2 depending on how many you buy they are really well priced.

5. Metallic pumps, Primark £6 (I think!)

Now that summer is coming to an end it’s nearly time to put the sandals away. These pumps from Primark are perfect for dry autumn days when it’s not quite cold enough to get the boots out. I love the metallic rose gold colour and how soft the fronts are. They did give me terrible blisters on my heels the first time I wore them, but I’ve got a feeling they’ll be super comfortable when I wear them in.

6. Lavender bunch

We’ve spent quite a lot of time at my gran’s house this summer, and have really enjoyed running around the garden. One day we attacked the lavender and cut a few bunches for the house. This looks really pretty hanging in our dining room and has a lovely smell.

7. Valley of the Dolls, Jacqueline Susann

I love reading, but don’t really have enough time to sit down with a book these days. The only time I seem to read is when I have a (rare) bath and I randomly pick something from the bookcase. I forgot how much I enjoyed Valley of the Dolls the first time around so am going to try and make some time to finish it. I especially love the limited edition cover.

I’ve also loved watching…

Bad Moms:

I haven’t been to the cinema in so long, so when I saw a trailer for Bad Moms I knew it was the perfect excuse to get some mummy friends together for the evening. I laughed so much at the film (and ate a ridiculous amount of popcorn), which is about a group of imperfect mothers who attempt to take down the head of their children’s school PTA. It’s so funny, and a great reminder that you can’t always be a model mother.

Friday Night Dinner

As there’s usually nothing on TV we like to have a series to watch in the evenings. For what feels like months now we’ve been working our way through Pretty Little Liars, but recently we needed a break (it’s getting a bit far-fetched). Stew put Friday Night Dinner on and was hooked instantly. It’s a British comedy about a family who get together once a week for dinner, and even though it’s a bit silly it is really funny … and watching Stew crying laughing just adds to the entertainment!

That’s it for this month, what have you been loving recently?

*Disclaimer – I was sent these products for the purpose of a review, but all thoughts are my own