Review: Miffy the Artist and Miffy’s Word Book

MIFFY is one of those children’s book characters who I just love – there’s a simplicity about her that I think is adorable. I find that like other European characters Tin Tin and the Moomins, who I’m also quite partial to, she’s often overlooked here in the UK and I only seem to come across Miffy products and books while on holiday. I was delighted, then, to be asked if we would like a couple of Miffy books to read with Santi and Ezra.
We received two books – Miffy’s Word Book and Miffy the Artist – written and illustrated by Dick Bruna, which on first glance seemed perfectly tailored to our boys’ ages, two-and-a-half-year-old Santi and six-month-old Ezra. We were also sent a string of mini Miffy bunting, some coloured pencils and a mask to colour in to continue the theme.

Miffy’s Word Book is a rabbit-shaped board book with themed pages including Miffy’s favourite things, Miffy’s holiday and Miffy in winter. The left-hand page features Miffy dressed in different outfits fitting to each theme, while the right side is dotted with brightly coloured pictures. Perfect for short bursts of reading.

Miffy's Word Book
Ezra is a big fan of books already, and the shaped pages and thick card makes it really easy for him to hold onto himself. It’s also wipe-clean, which is fab for reading at mealtimes. I love that by only using red, blue, green and yellow, babies’ senses won’t be overloaded but the book is still bright and colourful.
Miffy's word book

Miffy the Artist is more of a storybook aimed at older children, and is described as “the perfect book for all budding artists”. It starts with a visit to an art gallery and looking at different types of paintings, before Miffy goes home to create some art of her own, inspired by what she has seen. Most of the pages stick to Bruna’s original pattern of four short sentences per page, which is nice and easy for little ones to follow.


I love the design of this book too. There are only a few sentences per page, which stops it from being overwhelming for early readers, and the pictures are nice and simple too, with a minimalistic feel to the design. Not only does Miffy the Artist have a lovely story running through it, but it would look fab on your child’s bookshelf.

I’ll definitely be getting more Miffy books for Santi and Ezra. Bruna’s aim was for his books to be so simple that children know they are for them and not their parents, and I think they will be perfect when our boys are old enough to read on their own. Take a look at the Miffy shop for the full range of books and other Miffy products … I’ve got my eye on some prints that would really brighten up Ezra’s room!

MIffy books
Happy post!

*We were sent these books for the purpose of review, but all thoughts are my own.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Such adorable photos and I love the Genius jumper. Miffy was never a thing when my siblings and I grew up but I do know of Miffy and I love that children love books x

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