REVIEW: Jord men’s wooden watch for a busy dad

Jord wood watch dark sandalwood and burgundy

HAVING taken on the end of my maternity leave, timing is going to be something Stew becomes really aware of over the next three months. It’s not just about getting to work on time these days, but getting Santi to nursery, picking him up, and timing Ezra’s feeds through the day.

Since he started running and training for a half and full marathon, which he completed this year, Stew is used to wearing a fitness watch each day. It tracks his activity, the number of steps he’s taken and even how long he sleeps for (all the types of things I like to remain blissfully ignorant of). The only problem is, it doesn’t quite work when he wants to look a bit smarter – or you know, doesn’t fancy being told off by his watch for sitting down for too long.

I’m not saying he’s afraid to try new things when it comes to fashion (it’s more that he refuses to), but he’s taken a bold step in wearing a Jord men’s wooden watch. He was quite jealous when I received a wooden watch to review recently, so wasn’t going to turn down an offer to have his own.

Jord word watch dark sandalwood and burgundy

After deliberating between quite a few, he finally chose a design that is smart, but still fairly sporty. This is the watch he went for – the Conway in dark sandalwood and burgundy. The strap is a rich dark wood and the face brings a touch of colour while being quite subtle. It features sapphire crystal glass and luminescent hands – perfect for checking what time Ezra wakes him through the night!

Jord wood watch dark sandalwood and burgundy

As well as a clock, the watch has second, minute and hour chronograph faces, shows the date and can be used as a stopwatch. I’m sure Stew and Santi will be having great fun using that to time races soon! Despite sounding very unusual, it’s not actually that obvious that the watch is made of wood and Stew is comfortable wearing it as it stands out for being well made and classically designed.

Jord wood watch dark sandalwood and burgundy

There’s a huge range for both men and women on the Jord wood watch website… a perfect gift for a loved one or yourself! And there’s a chance to win $75 off if you enter my competition here! Everyone who enters will get a $20 gift card too!
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