Six months old: Our little bear’s update

FORGET about being a bad mother, this post should have a terrible mum alert. Not only is this our littlest man’s six month update, but it’s actually the only update I’ve got around to writing since he was born. Shocking.
I said it with every update I wrote about Santi, but I can’t believe how quickly time has gone. The first few months flew by then, and it’s gone even faster this time around. I kept meaning to post about how he’s getting on, but life keeps getting in the way and it becomes to late to write each one.
Anyway, it might be two weeks late, but here’s how our little bear is getting on at six months old.

I feel like I’ve said it loads already, but he really is the happiest little thing. I haven’t come across a baby who is so content so much of the time – we’re really lucky. He first smiled at around six weeks old, and you only have to look at him and he beams back – there’s no working for smiles from this little man!

Six month update - one month old

For the first two months or so he was such a sound sleeper. We’d go out to meet Santi’s friends and he would sleep for two or three hours – even at soft play or toddler group the noise didn’t wake him. At home he’d always fall asleep on my chest after a feed, and I was happy to leave him there for a good while just making the most of our cuddles. At around three-and-a-half months old his sleeping patterns changed and naps became more rare.

He is very alert and I think it’s a struggle for him to switch off to what’s going on around him. Even if you’re just in his room with no noise, he’ll start to drop off and then come round all of a sudden trying to sit up as if he feels he’s missing out on something. It’s always with a smile though so I’m not complaining!


His favourite game is peekaboo, but a lot of the time you don’t even have to hide – just saying boo will make him laugh. Stew hides behind a cushion and peeps out from different sides, and Ezra has started trying to look around the edge now to see which way he’s going to pop out. It’s so cute when he goes the right way and you can tell he’s really proud of himself.


Physically, Ezra is quite a strong baby. He’s always enjoyed tummy time, and has been able to sit on his own for a few weeks now. He can reach forward for a toy (or the remote control – better than any toy) without falling over, and if he senses that he’s going to lose his balance he’ll go onto all fours. He doesn’t last long on his knees, but I think it means crawling won’t be too far off.
We’ve also discovered that he’s able to pull himself up onto his feet from sitting while holding our hands and he very nearly pulled himself onto his feet in the cot this week. Uh oh, we might have another early walker! He’s really happy standing up while you hold him, and looks around the room taking everything in.


I’m not sure how much he weighs (bad mother alert again), but I think he’s tall for his age so is probably still up on one of the higher percentiles. I’m not as concerned with getting him weighed as I was with Santi because we don’t have reflux issues this time around. He’s in age 6-9 month clothes, but I think because of his height he’ll be out of them before he’s nine months.

We introduced solids a tiny bit early to see if it would help him to sleep for a bit longer, but it wasn’t until he turned six months that Ezra really took to food. He now has three or four little meals a day, and really enjoys them. He leans forward for more, and gets quite frustrated if you’re not quick enough to fill the spoon for the next mouthful! We’ve been a bit lazy so far and have relied on pouches and baby porridge, but now that we know meals are going to be eaten we will start bulk making purees to freeze.


Ezra is a quiet baby most of the time. There are days when he shrieks a lot, or growls like a little bear, but other days you hardly hear a peep from him. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about – he has a big brother making enough noise for the two of them. Speaking of Santi, when he’s in the room Ezra won’t take his eyes off him. Sometimes he looks shellshocked, as if he’s thinking “what on earth is this madhouse I’m been thrown into”, but the majority of the time he’s smiling or giggling away. We might have a bit of a problem on our hands as Ezra has taken a shine to Boofle, Santi’s comforter, and we’ve had a few incidents when he’s pinched him from his big brother!


We’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in the last couple of weeks as Ezra is getting so much busier. He tries to grab things off the table while we’re eating – he successfully stole a piece of Santi’s toast from his plate this morning, he doesn’t want to sit still anymore and he’s generally more mischievous! He’s attacking the laptop as I type … Stew’s definitely going to have it harder than I did during my six months off!

So that’s our little six month update … our littlest is half way through his first year and there’s plenty planned before he turns one. Bring on Christmas, nursery (boo) and our second holiday as a family of four (yay!).



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