What the Boys Wore: Not your basic outfits, by Cribstar

Cribstar Not Your Basic

NOW that I’m back in work and Stew does most of the dressing I haven’t managed to sort out a What the Boys Wore post for a while. I bought a few new outfits in the Black Friday sales – including these from Cribstar – and have been putting them aside for weekend wear. Am I alone in using my not-so-favourite clothes for nursery days?!

These little bits are from the Not Your Basic… range at Cribstar and they come in lots of different colours and phrases – Not Your Basic Baby, Kid, 1-year-old etc. I went for black and white as I’m a big fan of monochrome.


We’ll start with the littlest.

I have been trying to buy brighter coloured baby clothes, but I think there’s something striking about a black romper. My second choice would have been grey, so I wasn’t going colourful with this one either way! I stuck with a plain white long sleeved vest underneath, but I’d like to try it with a blue tie-die top that I also bought before Christmas.

Not Your Basic Baby romper Cribstar

Loving a bit of twinning in a not quite the same outfits, I bought the white Not Your Basic Kid version for Santi. It was a risky move as it’ll probably never be shiny white again, but he already has a few black tops so I wanted something different. He wore it with black trousers from H&M that have a house on one knee and a lightning cloud on the other.

Not Your Basic Kid tee Cribstar

Here you can see the trousers

And here’s the happy duo looking pretty bored with having their photos taken … I promise it took less than 10 minutes!Cribstar Not Your Basic

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3 thoughts on “What the Boys Wore: Not your basic outfits, by Cribstar

  1. This Mama Life says:

    I love love love these! There’s something about a black romper. Your boys look amazing in their Cribstar outfits. Yay for picking up some Black Friday bargains, I did the same. Thanks so much for linking up with #weekendtotstyle – we really appreciate it. Hope all is well with you 🙂 x

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