Siblings photography project: January 2017

siblings project

SINCE we became a family of four last June I’ve been trying to take regular photos of our two boys together. Mainly so we can look back at them and see all the little changes and similarities they’ll develop. And secondly to join in the siblings project run by a group of bloggers with the aim of taking a monthly photo of your children together.

Typically, I remembered too late to link up each month last year and ended up not joining in at all. So, another aim for 2017 is to actually post my siblings photos each month, with a few words about how our two are getting on. I think I managed to take a photo every month in 2016 so I might write a round-up post at some point.

So far our boys are similar, but so very different at the same time. Santi is very much the vocal one and gets even louder when he’s excited.  He’s like a whirlwind and raises the volume level just by entering a room.  For the first few months they were like chalk and cheese. Ezra was very chilled out and quiet, and I thought they would be complete opposites. Recently, though, he’s upped his energy levels, he’s trying to crawl and is pretty much impossible to contain on your lap. Now I don’t think they’re going to be very different at all!

Siblings project

I think we’re really lucky that they’ve quickly developed a lovely bond. Being two years apart I guess it could have been a tricky age gap to manage, but Santi has taken being a big brother into his stride. He makes Ezra laugh, he shares his toys (most of the time) and he already looks out for him. If Ezra is upset he’ll shout “he needs his milk” or “he wants mammy”, and for a while he told me off for giving him solids because “he’s too little for food”.

The sweetest thing is that he won’t go to bed without giving him a kiss and a cuddle … though I admit it’s not so sweet on the nights when Ezra is almost asleep and Santi squishes him with the loudest “ahhhh night night” and we’re back to square one with a wide awake baby.

Siblings project

Ezra is always looking around for his big brother and is full of smiles for him.  If they’re sitting together he’ll hold onto  a piece of Santi’s clothes, touch his face, or pull his hair. He loves to play with toddler toys, especially the pirate ship, and to be fair to Santi he doesn’t get annoyed when his games are pulled over or dribbled on.

His attitude seems to be “what’s mine is yours” … especially when it comes to food. He’s just as determined as his brother and will do whatever it takes to get a piece of his brother’s toast…

Siblings project

We seem to have hit a stage of big changes with Ezra and I’m sure life with our boys is about to get a whole lot more interesting … uh oh!!!