Living Arrows 3/52: Pebbles and beaches

LAST weekend was one of those typical ones where you have no plans. It could go either way and turn into a really boring couple of days where you do nothing, or an unexpectedly lovely weekend. Thankfully it was the second.

On Saturday we did nothing – I don’t think we even left the house. So on Sunday we were determined to get some fresh air, and went for a spin to Mumbles, where I took this week’s Living Arrows photos. It was grey and a little bit drizzly, but that doesn’t stop a toddler from having fun! We walked along the seafront, stopped on the beach and had lunch overlooking the pier.

Ezra loves being carried in the BABYBJĂ–RN, and he was smiling away watching Santi throwing stones in the sea.

Happy little bunny

I thought it was a bit unfair to keep him strapped in the whole time, so we let him loose on the sand to see what he made of it. He hasn’t been on the beach since our holiday in September (shocking as we live so close), and he was a bit bemused by it all, but I think he enjoyed.

Living Arrows

Santi had a whale of a time being chased by the waves, “shark” spotting, and jumping on some sandcastles we found. We’re not those organised people who take buckets and spades with them!

Living Arrows

Living Arrows

The only problem with stopping for food these days is the chaos we tend to cause. Santi likes to have a wander around to check the place out, so he insisted on going up to order with Stew, then coming with me to change Ezra, then moving from the table to the bar stools … and so on. We just can’t keep him in one place! It got a little bit stressful when he managed to escape from the disabled toilets while I was changing Ezra, and we ended up having to have words with him. Thankfully he calmed down after that.

Who can be stressed when this is the view?!

Mumbles Pier

I’ve kind of hijacked this week’s Living Arrows for a day out post, but I’m finding it so difficult to fit blogging in at the moment that these photos would have gone to waste. So, here’s just one more – one I really like of me and my littlest. I suppose it is still a moment in childhood as I won’t be bale to hold him like this for much longer…

p.s sorry to anyone who follows me on Instagram who’s been spammed with these photos all week!

Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 3/52: Pebbles and beaches

  1. Topfivemum says:

    What gorgeous pics! I wish we lived closer to the beach, although I’m sure my 8 month old would be trying to eat the sand and pebbles. Fab outfit for your little bunny xx

  2. Tanita says:

    Such beautiful photos. I love weekends that turn into little gems. It is those days that are the best. You certainly do live in the most beautiful part of the world with that beach and view. #livingarrows xx

  3. Donna says:

    Hijack Living Arrows for whatever you want it to be – a day on the beach is definitely a moment of childhood worth remembering – your photos are gorgeous, as is that hat with ears x

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