Living Arrows 4/52: Swings and scooting

Toddler balance bike

Hello! And welcome back to another week of Living Arrows. This week’s photos are well and truly simple childhood pleasures, and photos I probably wouldn’t share if I wasn’t taking part in this project.

First up is our littlest man, who is becoming more and more playful and cheeky by the day. A few weeks ago I wrote about how he likes to watch his big brother from his pram, but now he’s getting involved more and doesn’t want to be left out. On this little trip to the park he had a nap, then woke up raring to go. It’s the first time I’d seen him on the swings – Stew’s taken him a couple of times while I’ve been in work – and he was loving it!

First go on the swings

I love the light in these photos – it was a sunny Saturday morning and we’d just popped to the park to let off some steam before going to order our kitchen worktop.

His outfit makes him look like a little Buddha, but a snowsuit was a must as he refuses to keep a blanket on. I remember someone buying one for S when he was a baby and thinking “what on earth do we need that for? We don’t live in the North Pole”, and here I am the second time around buying a full on fleecy waterproof!

My Living Arrows photos of toddler S were taken on the same morning. I’ve started to carry my camera – an Olympus PEN E-PL7– with me everywhere, and I’m really pleased that I’ve got into the habit. I love being able to capture these little moments.

Toddler balance bike

We had intended to go for a walk along the coast path for S to practice on his balance bike, but got distracted by the park. He loves his bike and alternates between taking that out and his scooter. It’s taken a little while for him to get used to it, but he’s getting the hang of sitting down and not just pushing it along now.

Toddler balance bike

We went out twice on this particular day, and in the afternoon scooted to town for a Costa … yay! The whole journey was accompanied by very loud singing of Hi Ho from Snow White, and we were each assigned one of the dwarves.  I got away lightly with being Happy, while Stew was branded as Dopey, and E was Grumpy. Oh, life with a toddler!


Living Arrows

4 thoughts on “Living Arrows 4/52: Swings and scooting

  1. Fantastic pics and looks like a similar week to ours. Thank goodness for snow suits in this weather eh? I love seeing little ones on the swings like this – they look so little but it doesn’t take long for them to fill it and then start demanding you push them higher and higher! Well done on taking the camera everywhere. I’m getting mine out more now as my phone’s memory is now totally full. Enjoy the rest of the week! #LivingArrows

  2. What lovely photos! The light in them is just gorgeous. My littlest hasn’t been on a swing much yet but I’m inspired to pop her in and try and get some photos of her. That bottom photo of S on his balance bike is adorable too! #livingarrows

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