Living Arrows 6/52 {2017} Dragon hunting at Pembroke Castle

Dragon hunting at Pembroke Castle

Hello! Welcome back to another week of Living Arrows – it’s a good thing I decided to join in with this photo project this year as it seems to be the one thing keeping me blogging while I’m feeling a bit uninspired. If you’ve missed what Living Arrows is all about, check out my first post for an explanation.
This week’s photos were taken at Pembroke Castle on a day trip while we were staying at Bluestone. We were very unlucky with the weather all week, and this was the only glimpse of blue sky we had in five days!Our toddler S wasn’t all that keen on going to a castle, even though he loved our visit to Carreg Cennen a couple of weeks ago. We bought a couple of foam swords on the way in and went dragon hunting, which soon perked up his interest!
I think this is my favourite photo from the whole week, and one of the nicest I’ve taken of S.
Drain hunting at Pembroke Castle
He was so serious about looking for the dragon, and got a bit worried when a plane flew overhead – he was convinced it was the dragon growling at us! He’s at such a lovely age now and has an amazing imagination. He was calling himself Mike the Knight and stomping his way up the steps to the lookout points.
He also made sure our littlest dragon hunter was well equipped for the mission…
A family day out at Pembroke Castle. Bluestone when it's raining
We left the pram at the entrance and carried little E around the castle. He loved pretend sword fighting with his big brother … although there was a lot more chewing of the sword going on than defending. They are really starting to interact with each other now and I don’t think it’ll be long before they’re playing properly together. I’m prepared for a LOT of noise and quarrelling over favourite toys!

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5 thoughts on “Living Arrows 6/52 {2017} Dragon hunting at Pembroke Castle

  1. That first photo is just stunning, that concentration face is perfect. It looks like they both really enjoyed that sword, and Pembrokeshire Castle looks a lovely place for a day out. x

  2. I am totally jealous. Pembroke Castle is on my list of places I’d love to visit – we do love a castle! Shame about the weather but I hope your break at Bluestone was a lovely one despite the weather x

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