Potty training and being outsmarted by a two-year-old

Potty training and being outsmarted by a two-year-old

I’ve been getting a bit worried that potty training is never going to happen. S is two years and eight months old and showing absolutely no interest whatsoever in swapping nappies for pants.

A while ago we thought he might have been ready. We bought superhero pants and let him run around in nothing else on a warm day to see how it went. Four accidents in an hour proved to us it was too soon, and so we shelved the idea for a while.

Recently all I seem to hear about is people potty training their toddlers, and to be honest I’ve been feeling under pressure to get it started. Someone asked me how it was going, and all I could say was “I don’t want to push him into it if he’s not ready”. The response I got was “oh, but he’ll have to be trained by school, won’t he?”. Very helpful.

Anyway, nearly every morning I give him the choice of nappies or pants, and every morning I get the same answer. “Nappy”. Even Paw Patrol pants weren’t enticing enough.

This weekend we had a breakthrough. I showed S a photo of a dragon costume and asked if he’d like it as a potty prize. I’d been trying to stay away from bribery, but it was worth a shot and I didn’t have many other routes to go down. He loved the idea of being a dragon and asked if we could go and buy it.

“If you wear your pants and try to use the potty we’ll go and get it,” I said.
“I’ll wear pants today,” was his reply.
I practically skipped upstairs I was so excited to be making progress. I brought all his pants down and laid them out for him to choose which ones he fancied.

“Do you want Chase pants? Rubble? Batman? Superman?” I asked.
A good few minutes went by as he checked out the selection and picked his first pair.
“Superman pants,” he said confidently.
“Superman it is,” I said. I was ridiculously chirpy at this point, like a wannabe Mary Poppins. I actually couldn’t believe he was entertaining the idea of potty training.

Imagine my complete surprise when he went into meltdown mode as I started to take his pyjama trousers off.
“What’s wrong?” I asked. “I’m putting your pants on.”
“I want my pyjamas on! Put them back on,” he cried.
“But you said you’d try pants today so we can get the dragon,” I said, showing him the photo again. “Do you want to get the dragon?”
“Yes, I’m wearing Superman pants.”
Baffled, I said: “Yes, I’m putting them on.”
“Nooooo mammy, Superman wears pants ON TOP OF his trousers. I need my pyjamas on.”

Five minutes later, dressed in a nappy, vest, pyjamas and Superman pants outside his trousers, he trots out the kitchen and proudly said: “Daddy, I’m having a dragon because I’m wearing pants.”
And that is how I was outsmarted by a two-year-old.

9 thoughts on “Potty training and being outsmarted by a two-year-old

  1. Cath - BattleMum says:

    Too clever for his own good.

    If it makes you feel any better BattleKid was 2 days off his 3rd birthday when we embarked properly on toilet training. He didn’t show any signs before nor any interest even when we loosely tried after nursery before Christmas. However he’s doing quite well. So please don’t feel rushed by anyone. Go at S’s pace and no one else’s and you’ll be fine x

  2. Becki Parsons says:

    Oh bless him! That is some super logic! My son turns 3 next week and decided to wear pants on a whim about a month ago. Still had a nappy to poop in, but is otherwise potty trained. We’ve not had an accident in 3 weeks. They all do it in their own time. We also had the Pirate Pete book which worked wonders!

  3. Sharon Parry says:

    That is hysterical!! And let’s face it, he had a point. I’m a Mum of three tween/teen girls and I have learnt to be VERY careful about what I put in the small print. You may need a lawyer for your next negotiation! Good luck with the potty training, for what it’s worth, I found it was easier in the summer! X

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