Living Arrows 7/52 {2017} A weekend at home and playing pirates

THIS weekend has been far from normal. It’s been very ordinary, but not our normal kind of weekend because we haven’t left the house. We unintentional started potty training on Saturday and thought the safest move would be to just stay at home while S got used to not wearing nappies.

Most parents of toddlers will agree that it’s easier to be out of the house – being cooped up indoors for more than a day makes everything louder, more frantic and difficult to deal with. Fresh air solves so many problems! But with it being so cold out we didn’t want to go for a walk, and the idea of an accident at soft play wasn’t exactly appealing, so two days in it was.

Between episodes of Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig, Play Doh and playing cars, we built quite a few dens with the settee cushions. It’s one of S’s favourite things to do – we’ve made houses, castles, and this weekend’s den of choice, a pirate ship complete with a plank. Along with dragon-hunting, playing pirates is a big hit. So the cushions have spent more time on the floor than on the chair and we’ve been ordered to play Smee, peg leg (what can I say? Toddlers aren’t PC) and the crocodile from Peter Pan, while S is always Captain Hook. Stew thinks he identifies with the bad guys for some reason as Zurg is his favourite in Toy Story and he always asks for the sharks in Finding Nemo.

Aharrrr me hearties

It’s really quite endearing to see how S and E are starting to interact with each other. With two years between them I thought it would be  lot longer before they could play together, but they’re managing quite well already. Of course, at eight months old E doesn’t get what’s going on, and he tends to eat whatever prop he’s given, but it doesn’t stop him from being a pirate!

I anticipate a lot of this in years to come

While we’re on the subject of our littlest man, guess who has a tooth?! Yup, he’s no longer a gummy bear. I’m surprisingly sad about this as it means his little toothless grin won’t last much longer. He’s already pulling himself up on whatever he can to stand and trying to cruise along the furniture, I’m not ready for him to have teeth too. Hopefully this is the reason behind his poor sleep recently – when I think of it like that I can’t wait for his full set of teeth to come through!

Teething at eight months old
Such rosy teething cheeks

The rest of our week has been pretty uneventful. I got really excited about an embroidered denim jacket on the Topshop website, bought it and took it back the next day because I’m not 18 and can’t pull off the oversized look. I then got really excited about FINALLY ordering the new placemats I’ve been after for a while and realised just how old I really am. They are really cool though, honestly. Oh and I got my hair dyed. I was getting sick of ombre as the blonde seemed to have changed tone, so I’ve gone for an all-over colour. I really wanted to go auburn, but somehow the hairdresser took the photos I showed her and saw dark brown … hmmm.

We have a busy week coming up – I have a couple of meetings in work, a course on Friday, a meal and drinks with a lovely friend who is home from Canada and our uni group, a night out with former work friends, and S has a party on Saturday afternoon. I think we’ll be staying in next Sunday to recover from all that!

I hope you all have a lovely week xx

Living Arrows

10 thoughts on “Living Arrows 7/52 {2017} A weekend at home and playing pirates

  1. Oh look at those teething cheeks – yay for having his first tooth! I love your two pirates too, so cute!! It sounds like the potty training is going well – I would have done exactly the same and stayed at home! x

  2. We stayed indoors to potty train J and I have the best video of her on day 3 when we were all going completely stir crazy and she was spinning in circles so fast she fell into a pile of presents! It looks like you all had a great time though #LivingArrows

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