Living Arrows 8/52 {2017} Party fun as Buzz and Woody

THIS week’s Living Arrows photos are a perfect illustration of childhood fun – a fancy dress party! We were invited a few weeks ago, and toddler S instantly decided he was going to dress as Buzz Lightyear (or And Beyond as he calls him). Obviously, that meant E would be dressing as Woody … and a last-minute outfit wash as the Woody outfit had been worn in place of normal clothes on Thursday. This is what happens when Stew is in charge of dressing them.

The party was for our friend’s six-year-old daughter, so you’d think our two would hold back and let the bigger children play. Nope! S was jumping around on the bouncy castle, making sure he had his turn on the slide, and even at one point telling the older boys off for climbing on the stage. How naive we were a few months ago thinking he was going to be shy!

He ran around so much that he had that little boy sweaty party look by the end of the afternoon. Oh, and he wouldn’t leave without giving the birthday girl a kiss. He walked up to her and stood with his eyes closed waiting for a kiss – my heart melted it was so adorable.

Toddler Buzz Lightyear costume
Our little bouncer!

Little E had fallen asleep in the car on the way, so we thought maybe we’d be able to take it in turns to sit down and chill, but someone had other plans. As we walked through the door his eyes sprung open and he was wide awake again. He had a whale of a time in the ball pool, munching on sandwiches and being doted on by our other friend’s daughters. He’s going to be such a busy bee!

I realised how much he’s grown too as his outfit is a bit of a squeeze now … oops! It was originally a Halloween costume, so I think putting him in it nearly four months was fairly ambitious. It’ll have to be resigned to the drawer of small clothes 🙁

Baby Woody costume
He’ll eat anything!

There was only one point when we thought there might have been tears … as we finished singing happy birthday and the cake was taken back to the kitchen S turned with the most pitiful face and said “where’s the cake going?” He wouldn’t move until he saw it coming back out in slices to take home. Thankfully I was meeting friends in the evening and could leave Stew with the sugared up toddler…

We don’t have much planned for the next few days, and we both have separate plans for the weekend so who knows when this week’s photos will be taken!

Living Arrows

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