Siblings Photography Project: February 2017

I’m mega late writing my siblings post for February, even though I had my photos taken on time … I’m just not organised enough to sit down and get things done! Anyway, these photos were taken at the Blue Lagoon during our recent stay at Bluestone.

We first went two years ago, when S was eight or nine months old, and I took a photo of him sitting on one of the deck chairs around the pool. This time I knew I had to get both our boys to have their photo taken there. It’s hard to believe two years on we were there with two of them!

Their relationship is lovely, and there is a definite bond developing stronger with each month. Our biggest boy loves building dens with the settee cushions, which not too long ago would have been an activity little E couldn’t join in with. Now that he’s on the move, he’s trying to climb up onto the chair to get inside, crawling through the castle, pirate ship or whatever we’ve made that day, and peeping out through the “windows”.

Our littlest boy absolutely adores his big brother and is always looking around to see where he is. This afternoon Stew was putting S in the car and he was giggling away. As I put E in his car seat, he heard the laughter, took his bottle out of his mouth and started smiling, trying to see where S was. Feeding him is becoming impossible as he’s constantly moving around trying to see where his partner in crime has got to.

As they get older the two year age gap will seem to shorten, and they’re already starting to be able to play together … even if E has no choice but to play the dragon being hunted by “Night the Knight”.

This pic isn’t the best quality – I took it on my phone and it’s a bit blurred – but I love how S is looking at his little brother <3

It’s not all playing nicely together though, and we’re not quite there with sharing yet. Anything one is playing with, the other wants, and we have our fair share of snatching back and fore. There are little hands grabbing for the iPad, shouting as cables are pulled out of the TV during Paw Patrol, and complaints that wooden pirates are being used as teething toys. Come to think of it, one of them seems to be turning into a bigger menace than the other…

I can’t believe how quickly time is going, and by the next siblings update the two of them will be nursery buddies. *sigh*

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