Be in the picture {February 2017}

Be in the Picture - February

I can’t believe quite how disorganised I’ve been this month. Even though I’m co-hosting the Be in the Picture link-up, I didn’t actually manage to get a photo with me in until this morning. Ok, I tell a lie, there was a photo of me with the boys at the swimming pool in Bluestone, but I look as if I’m telling them off so I won’t be sharing that one!

A combination of bad weather and potty training has meant we haven’t really been anywhere as a family for a few weeks, so photos have been in short supply. So, last minute photos were the only option – taken at home, in bed. Hopefully this month we’ll actually manage to get out and about a bit more so I’ll have some to choose from for my March photos.

Be in the Picture - February

You wouldn’t actually believe how hard it was to get a photo that wasn’t blurred as both boys are constantly on the move. The littlest was crawling his way over to the edge of the bed, and the biggest just wanted to jump. So it’s a miracle that we had two vaguely useable pics! I love that you can see little E’s first tooth peeping out in this photo … he’s been so rosy-cheeked the last few days that I think there will be another one joining it soon.

This is the second post in the Be in the Picture project, and I’ve chosen my favourite photo from last month’s link-up to share. Thank you to Battlemum for joining in 🙂 This pic was taken at one of my favourite places – Carreg Cennen in south west Wales – and I love Battlekid’s expression.

Be in the Picture - Battlemum

I’m co-hosting Be in the Picture with the lovely Kerry from All About A Mini Norris, so please pop over to check out her photos, which are more glamorous than mine! And if you’d like to join in, just follow the instructions below … it would be lovely to have you along!

Be in the Picture

3 thoughts on “Be in the picture {February 2017}

  1. Cath -BattleMum says:

    Lovely photo’s Alana. They’re so natural. I’d love bed photo’s of me and the boy but there’s no way he’d stay still for it! How is S doing?

    And thanks for featuring me. It’s only this month I’ve come to fully appreciate the value of this linky. Big thank you to you and Kerry for starting it! xxx

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