Living Arrows 9/52 {2017} busy little bees at home

IT feels like we haven’t actually been anywhere for weeks now, and for three Mondays I haven’t had any outdoors photos to choose from for my Living Arrows post.. We seem to have had a lot of weekend plans – meeting friends, birthday parties, nights out – which is quite rare for us, and means we haven’t done a lot as a family. I’m determined that this weekend we’re going somewhere together!

I had the boys on my own for the first time in ages on Saturday as Stew went out, and I quickly remembered how exhausting they are. Ezra is flying along with his crawling now, and will even follow you up the stairs if you dare to leave him. This means if you do want to leave the room it’s safer to carry him or he’ll on step four before you know it.

It’s hard to believe that Stew is into his last week of leave – somehow three months have gone by! So Ezra had his first settling in session at nursery today. According to Stew there was a conversation along the lines of “oh, he can crawl already … and climb … he’s a busy one, isn’t he?!” Uh oh, looks like they’ll have their hands full!

Living Arrows

When I get home from work I’m either greeted by a very excited baby watching out for me in the window, or a speedy little crawler zooming along for a cuddle – it’s the sweetest thing! What’s not so cute is that our little bear has turned into a mini Houdini and can actually get out of his high chair straps. I turned around for 30 seconds this evening, and when I turned back he was standing on the chair holding on to the sides … argh! What an absolute menace of a baby.

Living Arrows
Please ignore the state of the chair – mashing food into the side is a favourite hobby

Surprisingly, for such a busy, outdoorsy child, Santi has taken quite well to a few quiet weekends. Well, when I say quiet – there was the birthday party a week ago where he was fairly wild, and we went to a friend’s house to play on Saturday, where he was … well … wild. There were three older girls there, but he wasn’t at all shy or reserved – he was clapping his hands at them and insisting they go upstairs to jump on the beds! I don’t know where he gets his bossy side from, but it’s not me!

Living Arrows

It appears that Santi loves our new breakfast bar as much as I do, and now insists on sitting on one of the stools for every meal. He won’t come down to eat at the table! Here he is laying on the worktop drinking a “pink milk” … I knew it would be a good investment.

That’s about all we’ve been up to recently – not much at all. It’s our wedding anniversary this week and I’ve taken Friday off, so hopefully by next Monday I’ll have something a bit more interesting to share than just photos around the house. We can’t always be out having adventures, I guess.


Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 9/52 {2017} busy little bees at home

  1. Katy Stevens says:

    Eek – must be nerve-wracking once they learn how to escape the highchair. my daughter is starting to learn now so I’ve got them super tight. Got to cling on to my sanity a little longer! Lovely photos x

  2. Sarah says:

    We’re the same with not getting out of the house much at the moment – you’ve managed to capture some lovely pictures anyway. Gabe just started climbing out of his highchair too – it really is terrifying when you turn round and see them standing up isn’t it?! #LivingArrows

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