Living Arrows 10/52 {2017} Puddle jumping and pretend cooking

THIS week’s Living Arrows photos are simple pleasures that our boys have been enjoying … nothing fancy, just having fun at home. Capturing the ordinary little moments is what I love most about blogging. I wouldn’t take anywhere near as many photos as I do if it wasn’t for my blog, and we’d miss out on the everyday parts of family life.

These pictures of baby E playing at the toy kitchen are a perfect example. They’re nothing out of the ordinary, but I know one day I won’t remember how small he looked standing by the wooden sink bashing cups together, but it’ll be so nice to look back at them.

He’s developed such a funny little personality recently. You can tell he’s going to be so cheeky. If you catch him doing something he shouldn’t, he just turns and gives the most adorable smile with a scrunched up nose that he just gets away with it! We’ve had to put up a stair gate this weekend though as he’s on a constant mission to get to the top. We managed to avoid it with S, but it looks like our littlest is even more determined.

You can’t get cross with this little face!

My photos of toddler S were taken in the front garden when he got very excited at the thought of wearing his wellies to jump in puddles. Sadly we  didn’t find very big ones, and in this photo you can’t even tell the ground is wet! He still had fun though and reminded me that we can still go out and enjoy when the weather is bad.

Living Arrows: puddle jumping

I love that he takes his monkey everywhere with him, but it’s time for him to go in the wash after being dropped on the floor more times than I can count.

I’ve taken the plunge and bought a new camera lens (eek!) so I’ll be annoying my boys with even more photos in the next few weeks as I learn to use it. It’s a portrait lens, so expect lots of pics of grubby faces coming your way!

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3 thoughts on “Living Arrows 10/52 {2017} Puddle jumping and pretend cooking

  1. I love S’s outfit every time I see it – and that hat is just the icing on the cake. How gorgeous does he look?! You cannot beat a spot of puddle jumping and I think playing with a toy kitchen is a complete rite of passage! Baby E looks so happy! x

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