Baby’s first birthday gift idea: Miffy stacking blocks

Miffy stacking blocks

HAVING two boys two years apart means we can get the most out of toys and clothes by handing them down to the younger brother. This is fab for saving money, but not so great for the guilt that the littlest doesn’t get much of his own.

When we were offered a set of Miffy classic stacking blocks to review I thought ‘great, something for baby E to enjoy’, but it turns out he’s still had to share. The blocks are fab for both babies and toddlers, and our eldest has had just as much fun with them!

I’ve written before about how much I love Miffy and the bright colours in her books, and these blocks are designed in the same way. The colours are bold and vibrant, and the drawings are simple but eye-catching. Both our nine-month-old and two-year-old were instantly drawn to them. The blocks have Miffy characters, fruit, vegetables and numbers on, and are five-sided so they can sit within each other in the storage box.

Of course, the main appeal for our baby boy is knocking the blocks over. There are 10 in total, so you can either build them up into one really tall tower or make a few smaller stacks, which is what I tend to do. They’re made of a thick card, so they’re much safer than our old wooden bricks when they come tumbling down,  but are sturdy enough to be bashed together or used as drums.

Miffy stacking blocks

Our toddler loves using the Miffy stacking blocks to build castles, but gets a bit annoyed when his little brother comes and knocks them down! He’s even had great fun pretending the blocks are presents and playing Father Christmas … who says they’re just for building?!

Each block has a number from 1-10 on the side, which is great for a sneaky bit of learning while we play. I try to make sure I point out the numbers as we build them up, and ask which number comes next as we nestle them away in the box.

Our boys love these blocks, and I think they’d make a fab gift – especially for a first birthday. They’re super cute, bright, and the classic Dick Bruna design would look lovely on display in a baby’s nursery.

You can buy the Miffy stacking blocks, £20, here

*We were sent these blocks for the purpose of a review, but all thoughts are my own

6 thoughts on “Baby’s first birthday gift idea: Miffy stacking blocks

  1. Oh I love Miffy and what a little cutie you have! I bet you had to take the photograph quickly before the blocks got knocked over 😉

    Stevie x

  2. They look like a lovely set of blocks. No wonder S loves playing with them too. And the fact they’re made from card rather than wood would make me like them even more as they’d be softer on little hands and feet when they fall! Hope E enjoys them x

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