Living Arrows 11/52 {2017} Playing in the garden for the first time this year

Living Arrows

I’M expecting life with two boys to be a complete whirlwind of excess energy, noise and craziness – and it’s starting early. Getting out of the house is the best plan on weekends as the day feels so much longer if we stay in. Today we managed a short walk, but it was so cold and grey we didn’t last long. Typically, half an hour after we got home the sun came out! So, for the first time this year we headed out the garden for half an hour to burn off some energy.

This is where this week’s Living Arrows photos were taken. If you haven’t seen my previous Living Arrows posts, the aim is to take a photo or two that capture childhood – and I think playing in the garden sums it up. Our toddler S was pleased  to be able to play with our beagle without us telling her off for jumping up on the tables or the units. He was running in and out of the house getting treats for her, and generally very excitable. It’s so nice to see him enjoying having Jeremy (the dog) around, as he was wary of her for a while.

Living Arrows

He had such a grubby little face, despite having a bath yesterday evening, and his hair was all over the place from having a hat on. Oh well, that’s what childhood is about, right?

Our baby bear explored the garden for the first time. We put decking down a couple of summers ago and I’m really pleased we did now. It used to be a patch of gravel, and there’s no way a little one would have been able to crawl around on it. He did end up with very grubby knees though … nothing gets worn more than once day in a row in this house!

Living Arrows

Our littlest boy was having great fun watching his big brother chasing Jeremy around, and was shouting away from the decking. He loves to try and join in, even though he’s still a bit too small, so seized his chance to play with the football while S was busy harassing the dog.

Living Arrows

We were only out there for half an hour, but it was so nice for them to have a run (or crawl) around, and we didn’t even need coats 🙂 Hopefully this is the start of spring and a sign of nicer evenings to come. Stew got a bit ahead of himself though and is already forming plans for a summer barbecue… we’ll see!

*I posted a photo of S wearing this outfit last week and had a few comments on it. So if anyone’s wondering, the cub sweatshirt and badger leggings are both from Tobias and the Bear. E’s leggings are part of a set of two from Next, and his vest is from Gap.

3 thoughts on “Living Arrows 11/52 {2017} Playing in the garden for the first time this year

  1. They’re fab pictures of the boys Alana. Can’t believe how quickly E ia growing up! And definitely fingers crossed it’s the start of spring. It’s been a never-ending grey and miserable winter! #livingarrows

  2. Your photos are glorious – look at that sun! We haven’t really got out in the garden due to our building work but I just cannot wait! You have made me long for those long sunny days that are just around the corner x

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