Siblings photography project {March 2017}

TAKING part in a monthly photo project really makes time fly by. It felt like I’d only just posted February’s Siblings photos when I realised I needed to take my pics for March! I’m so glad I’ve decided to join in with Siblings this year as it’ll be lovely to look back at photos of the boys together and see how they change and interact through the year.

Anyway, this month’s photos were taken over the weekend, some at the beach and some in the garden at home. I’m really making an effort to take baby E out of his pram when we go places now so he can explore. It’s funny, our toddler (S) was happy throwing stones in the sea and running from the waves (not fast enough from one particularly big one that crashed over his shoes), but as soon as he saw his brother on the sand he came rushing over to play. He was even happy to sit for a photo, which never happens!

And before anyone goes thinking it was a sickeningly perfect moment, here’s our darling big boy throwing sand in his little brother’s face…

Siblings photography project: March 2017

Poor little E didn’t suspect a thing … until bash, a mouthful of sand.

Siblings photography project: March 2017

I was asked over the weekend if S is jealous of E, and I can happily say he’s not. I feel so lucky that he’s settled into being a big brother so well – just don’t tell him that or he’ll shout “I’m not big, I’m still little” at you! I’m sure they’re going to bicker like any siblings though, as we already get the scenario of one wanting whatever toy the other has.

They chase each other up and down the passage, and S has started trying to pick E up or stop him from climbing the stairs. It doesn’t make life any easier when you turn your back for a second and both your baby and toddler are both on the second step!

Siblings photography project March 2017
Being a helpful big brother

I love this photo of the boys. E started crying, so S ran over with his bottle and helped him out. What a sweetie!

Life is loud with the two of them – and that’s with one who can’t talk yet. S is a chatterbox, and nobody else can get a word in. But our baby bear knows how to get attention and will throw his arms up in the air and shout until the person he wants looks at him. His shrieks are often directed at S, who’s too busy talking to notice!

We’ve definitely got a bossy big boy on our hands, and he loves telling E off if he’s doing something he shouldn’t. Earlier on Stew was making tea and E kept crawling off towards the kitchen … so S was running around shouting “get out of there” and trying to pull him backwards. It’s ok, E gets his own back by randomly hitting his big brother over the head.

I'm not sure what's going on here!

I can’t see that they look alike yet, but a lot of people say that they do. E is a bit stockier at the moment, but I think they’re both going to be tall. I’m excited to see how they change as they grow up. I never imagined S having fair hair, but he’s got proper blonde streaks … I wonder if E will end up with the same colouring.

Next month’s Siblings post will come the day before our holiday … eek, four of us in a tiny ship cabin for a fortnight! Wish us luck…