Living Arrows 14/52 {2017} Cupboards and swings

I’M writing this week’s Living Arrows post in bed, in the dark, with a poorly bubba by my side. Our little bear has had a cough for ages now – he really can’t shake it off – and he’s struggling to sleep. So while Stew watches The Walking Dead I’m blogging and cuddling our snuffly littlest boy.

We’ve had a lovely weekend combining lazy mornings with afternoons out. On Saturday I had a couple of hours with just my biggest boy, which was so nice as it’s very rare that we’re on our own these days. Stew was helping his brother move house, and baby boy had a mega nap after getting up too early. I used to think it was hard work being with our toddler on his own, but it’s amazing how much easier it is having one to look after when you’re getting used to having two! He was happy to play in the bathroom while I had a shower, he “helped” with my make up and ended up looking like the Joker with my best Mac lipstick across his face, and we read a few pirate books before he announced he wanted to go to gymnastics and we had a mad rush to get him ready!

His photo this week was taken while playing hide and seek in his bedroom on Sunday morning. He wasn’t exactly hard to find as he climbed into his wardrobe and peeped out the whole time…

Living Arrows

Living Arrows

He’s such a funny little thing!

Our littlest boy’s photos were taken in the park on Sunday afternoon. We’d been for a walk to the beach (our third time playing on the sand in two weekends), and popped to my gran’s house, which is just across a field from a park. He fell asleep in the pram on the way there, but was soon wide awake again and raring to go. He’s quite a quiet baby, but lets you know exactly what he wants. When Stew took him out of the swing he was leaning back towards it and making it very clear he wasn’t done yet!

Living Arrows

I tried to get a photo of the two boys on the swings together, but it was impossible. Anyone who has tried to capture two moving children swinging in opposite directions will know what I mean!

It was back to work today, but the countdown to our holiday has begun. I’m so looking forward to it, but we have a lot of organising to do. Not least buying a load of new clothes for a toddler who has suddenly sprung up again and outgrown the majority of his wardrobe … typical timing!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Living Arrows

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  1. Your littlest looks so serious on that swing and I have never played hide and seek around the house with the kids – really must start! x

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