Siblings in April: Little mischief makers

April’s Siblings post has crept up so quickly, in fact I missed the 15th which is when I aim to write it. I blame all the holiday shopping and packing!

I think this month has seen the biggest change so far in our two boys’ relationship. I’ve said most months that they’re starting to interact more, but now it’s like they can communicate with each other even though baby E can’t talk yet.

Take last night as an example. We were staying in a hotel room before we head off on a cruise today, and toddler S had a night terror about an hour and a half after falling asleep. They’re always hard to watch as he’s so upset but still asleep so we can’t comfort him. It was even more stressful last night as we didn’t want him to wake his brother (or the rest of the hotel).

Anyway, we were all wide awake again at 10.30pm, and E was popping his head up from the other bed to look at S, then giggling when they made eye contact.

At 11pm they were chasing each other across the bed and playing catch with a milk bottle, both in fits of laughter.

E just wanted to be in the same bed as his big brother, and when we tried to separate them he cried until they were together again.

S kept calling E a “booda” whatever that is, and laughing uncontrollably … I hope he doesn’t mean buddah! I know he’s a little chub, but he’s not that big!

I honestly think these two are going to be full of mischief. They can set each other off giggling with one look, and I don’t doubt they’ll soon be conspiring against us!

Typically I emptied my camera memory card to come on holiday and didn’t get this post done while we were at home so apart from the one above and the first one below I only have phone photos to share this month. So here are our siblings in April… as you can see, where one goes the other follows!

Behind the TV is the place to be

Playing in the hotel shower

Wish us luck with these two on a ship for two weeks! I’ll come home grey!