Review: St Tropez in shower gradual tan

AS you know I love to travel, but the type of holidays we go on have changed quite a bit over the years.

When we were younger, we’d book a resort in Spain and spend most days sunbathing by the pool. Getting a tan was actually a big part of going away.

These days it’s very rare that you’d find me baking in the sun – for two reasons.
Firstly, there’s obviously the health risk of tanning. I’m ashamed to say I’ve had a fair few burns over the years, and have come home from holidays with red patches and peeling skin – not a good look! Risking my health for a tan isn’t something I’m keen on any more.

Secondly, we have children … that means there is absolutely no chance of laying peacefully on a sun bed with a book! We recently came back from a two week cruise, and while my arms had a nice glow from pushing the pram around, my legs were just as pasty white as when we left! There was far more time spent chasing after them or playing in the children’s club than sitting outside.

So what’s the answer if you like to have a bit of colour but don’t want to (or your children won’t allow you to) sit in the sun for hours?

I decided to try a St Tropez gradual tan from Ellisons and bought the in shower tan this week. I don’t have time to faff around with fake tan, waiting for it to dry and hoping I don’t end up streaky, so this sounded perfect.

You have a shower as normal, turn the water off and apply the tan to wet skin. Then wait three minutes and rinse it off with just water. Anything that only takes three minutes is a winner for a working mother with very limited time on her hands!

I wasn’t sure how much to apply, so used quite a thick layer, and tested it on my legs the first time. It’s a nice rich cream and washed off easily after the three minutes.

I tend to shower in the evening after the  boys have gone to bed,  so I had to wait overnight to see how the colour developed.

It turns out after one use I’m a convert! My legs are a shade more tanned and are an even colour after one use. It’s quite subtle but I can see a definite difference, and as it’s a gradual tan I can build on it if I’d like to go darker. Oh, and I didn’t end up with that telltale tan smell either … winner!

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