Celebrity Dusty Duck trail at WWT Llanelli

Celebrity Dusty Duck trail at WWT Penclacwydd

ONE of our failsafe weekend activities if we have no plans is to visit WWT Llanelli for a few hours. It’s big enough for the boys to burn off some energy, but not so big that it feels like a mission to get around. Plus there’s a lovely new park, a small soft play area inside, and a nice cafe if we need a sit down.

It can get a bit samey if we stick to the usual route, but every now and again there are special events and things to look out for, and last weekend we visited during the Celebrity Dusty Duck Trail. There are 14 giant ducks designed by famous people dotted around the grounds, which definitely brighten up a dull Sunday morning!

We started off feeding the ducks as we usually do – running out of seeds by the third pond – then wandered around pointing out all the different Dusty Ducks. Ziggy Stardusty, the David Bowie inspired duck, was my favourite.

Celebrity Dusty Duck trail at WWT Llanelli Penclacwydd

Celebrity Dusty Duck trail at WWT Llanelli PenclacwyddWhile we were on our walk around we popped into one of the hides for a quick pitstop, and for Santi to check what ducks he could see. He’s getting good at spotting different breeds now, but I don’t have the heart to tell him he looks through the binoculars backwards!

WWT Penclacwydd Llanelli

The nice thing about the grounds at Penclacwydd is that it’s flat enough for little ones to wander around. Ezra has well and truly found his feet and wants to be out of the pram as much as possible, and we can let him toddle along the paths shouting at the ducks and geese while his big brother leads the way and opens the gates for us. We just have to watch what he chooses to eat!

WWT Penclacwydd Llanelli

WWT Penclacwydd Llanelli

With the boys being so small we don’t usually put our names down for any of the guided tours or activities, but last weekend there were ducking walks that we thought Santi might enjoy. Being almost three he’s really interested in how ducks (and dinosaurs) hatch from eggs, so it seemed like a nice way to stretch our visit out a little.

We were split into three groups and taken to the hatchery, a room with newly hatched chicks, and a small pond where the slightly older ducklings were kept. The hatchery and duckling room were fine for a three-year-old, but the outdoor talk would be better suited to older children as it was a bit more in depth.

It was nice to see what goes on behind the scenes at WWT Llanelli after so many visits to the site.

Ducklings at WWT Llanelli Penclacwydd

June is mini beast month, so I’m sure we’ll be back to use our annual passes over the next few weeks to see what creatures we can find in the ponds!

*The Celebrity Dusty the Duck trail runs until June 25 and is included in the entry fee.

*We pay for our annual family membership and WWT Llanelli were not aware that we would be writing about our visit

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