OOTD: How to wear a pleated skirt for day or evening

Pleated skirt for day or evening

FIRST up, a confession: I’m a bit addicted with the pleated skirt trend. I’ve so far bought four, and have my eye on another one, which I’m pretty sure I’ll end up buying pretty soon.

After having Ezra last June, the same thing happened as in the months after Santi was born – I panicked about my wardrobe, lost all confidence in my style and stuck with jeans and t-shirts for every occasion. I have no idea why, but I doubted myself in anything else.

Then one day on a shopping trip I saw a pleated skirt in Topshop and had visions of dressing it up or down – it even looked ok with a denim jacket and Converse.

I did my usual thing of impulse buying something a little bit different and not wearing it for a while as I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, and worried I’d look like I was making too much effort. I then took the plunge on holiday last September and wore it with a plain white body and some nude and gold (fairly battered) sandals, and loved it. It was comfortable, long enough to not have to worry about flashing when bending down to put Ezra in the pram, and the right balance between smart and casual.

Pleated skirt casual

I’ve since worn this combo of top and skirt for an afternoon tea and an evening wedding reception, and always get compliments on it.

Wearing this outfit to a wedding reception wasn’t the plan, by the way. I’d considered it, tried it on and decided it was a bit too casual. After a frantic hunt around the shops I bought a pretty floral wrap dress from Topshop, but realised when I got home that there wasn’t nearly enough fabric on the wrap bit. When I walked I was flashing so badly … and sitting down was impossible! So I threw on the trusty pleated skirt, some silver and nude heels and a fruit print bag from Zara to brighten it up a bit.

Pleated skirt for evening

This bag is fab as the cover is removable and can be replaced with one that’s black and white with an almost tweed effect and flowers. The shoes are from Kurt Geiger, and after one incredibly painful wear that resulted in quite a lot of blisters they’ve been very comfortable.

Now that I’ve braved the pleated skirt and ditched my jeans (well, maybe not), you’ll be seeing me in it a lot more!

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