Learning about the journey to parenthood through egg donation

journey through egg donation growing generations

WHAT amazes me since becoming a mother, is the many ways in which families can be created. I kind of went through most of my life naively thinking you meet someone, you get married and you have children. It turns out it’s not that simple for a lot of people.

As you meet other pregnant women or new mothers at antenatal and baby groups, you start to come across other ways of doing things. Parents with stories about IVF, adoption and egg donation, which I have to admit were new to me. It’s fascinating how science has helped so many people to start a family.

By 2016 a quarter of a million UK babies had been born through IVF,  and although I couldn’t find any recent UK figures, I discovered that around 12% of all cycles of IVF in the US involve donor eggs, Donor eggs can be used for mothers-to-be who are aged over 40, who have premature ovarian failure, poor egg quality or a history of genetic disease, or for single males or couples in a same sex relationship.

Growing Generations, a company which helps families through surrogacy and egg donation, has produced a really simple and educational infographic explaining the process of egg donation. I wanted to share it* as I’m sure there are lots of other people who don’t fully understand how it works.


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*This is a sponsored post, but all views are my own.

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