OOTD: Pink hair and Zara pearl jeans – my midlife crisis?!

Zara pearl jeans

IF you’re anything like me, when you get dressed in the morning you’ll automatically grab a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to throw on. It can get a bit boring, can’t it?

Before having children I was so much more of a dress and tights kind of girl, but it just seems too much of a faff on the weekends now (plus there’s the risk of flashing when you bend over to pick a child up) so I end up wearing the same things over and over.

I’ve been trying to liven my wardrobe up a bit recently and have added a couple of pairs of embroidered jeans into the mix – one of which I’ve worn so many times that they’re on their way out. But before we went on holiday I spotted the most amazing pair of jeans on Zara’s website – blue slim boyfriend cut, with pearls. Yes, pearls. On jeans. I fell in love with them instantly and popped them into the basket (along with another pair of black jeans and two t-shirts for good measure).

Of course when we were on holiday I wasn’t entirely sure I was confident enough to wear them. They felt a bit much for walking over to the swimming pool, or hanging around in the theme park, but a little day trip to Delft seemed like a good time as any to be brave.

So, I paired the jeans with a plain black Zara t-shirt with a kind of ruffle effect on the sleeves, and brown and gold sandals which I bought from a shop called Springfield in Spain.

Zara pearl jeans
You wouldn’t believe how much of a wally I felt posing with no children!

They actually look more subtle than I was expecting, and the denim is so soft that they were really comfortable. I really like the t-shirt too, and it’ll look nice with one of my pleated skirts.

Zara pearl jeans

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I dyed my hair slightly pink the day before we went away. I was getting sick of my blonde ombre, which was a bit more two-tone than I’d have liked, so I went for it and asked for rose gold. There were a few days of washing it several times to fade it as it turned out a bit brighter than I’d hoped, but once it calmed down I got used to it! Here it is on day six…

Rose gold hair

What do you think? Have I hit my mid-life crisis with pearl jeans and pink hair?!

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One thought on “OOTD: Pink hair and Zara pearl jeans – my midlife crisis?!

  1. Ojo Henley says:

    If you’ve hit mid life crisis point, I dread to think what mine is! Lol. You look fab, those jeans are really classy, not over the top at all, and I love rose gold in hair, a great way to lift colour x

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