Easy no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

Easy no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

IF you read my last post, you’ll know that we went pumpkin picking this weekend. We came home with seven pumpkins of various sizes and no idea what to do with them – ever the organised family!

Stew wanted to carve his (the huge one), but I wanted to try something a bit different with some of the others. It had to be something easy so Santi could help us – letting a three-year-old loose with a knife would only end in disaster – and not too time consuming that he would lose interest.

After a quick search online, I had three no carve easy pumpkin decorating ideas – a drip crayon pumpkin, a marble pumpkin and a glitter pumpkin. So, here’s our haul before we began…

Easy no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

Crayon drip pumpkin:

This was the most impressive looking idea I came across online, and I was dying to give it a go! We popped to town to buy some white paint and cheap crayons, then laid an old tablecloth on the floor outside as it looked like it could get messy.

Step one was to paint the pumpkin white. You can leave it orange, but I thought the colours would show up better on a white background. We used Rustoleum spray paint from Wilko (£3.50).

Easy no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

We just did the one coat, and I was impressed at how quickly it dried. After about 20 minutes we were ready for the next step – the crayons. I bought a cheap pack of 24 from Wilko for 50p, and after taking the wrappers off we snapped them into smaller pieces to glue around the top of the pumpkin. I think maybe we’d have had a better result if we’d left them whole, but we know for next time now!

Easy no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

There’s a spot where the paint came off – blame a crayon-wielding Ezra! Next came the fun bit – blasting the crayons with a hairdryer. The aim is to get the crayons to melt and drip down the side of the pumpkin to create a rainbow dripping effect. This took way longer than I expected. I don’t know if it’s to do with the crayons or that it was cold outside and they kept setting, but it took so long that Santi lost interest. I also found that the peach coloured crayon really didn’t want to melt!

This was the result after a lot of hairdryering! I think it looks quite cool, but the white paint is threatening to flake off.

Crayon melt pumpkin

Glitter spot pumpkin:

There’s a sneaky peak of this one in the pic above… I wanted to try and keep this one quite simple, but fun and thought throwing some glitter in would be nice.

We sprayed another pumpkin white and left it to dry, then got out our silver and gold glitter, glue and a paint brush. I painted circles onto the pumpkin with glue, and Santi shook a load of glitter over it to create glitter polka dots. We also painted the stalk with some gold glitter mixed with glue – I really like the effect!

The glitter does come off really easily, so I’m going to spray it with hairspray and hope that does the trick of sealing it!

Glitter spotty pumpkin

Marble nail varnish pumpkin:

I can’t be the only one with a load of half used nail varnish bottles around the house. It seems like a waste to throw them away, so we put them to good use with our third pumpkin. This was one of those little ones that I bought a couple of on our way out of the pumpkin farm as I thought they’d look really cute as photo props.

We filled a bowl with water deep enough to completely cover the pumpkin, then started pouring drops of nail varnish into it. It was a bit trial and error as I’ve never done anything like this before, and we weren’t sure how much to use.

The trick is to be quick as the varnish starts to set in the water if you take too long. Once you have the colours you want, swirl them together to get a marble effect and then completely dunk your pumpkin in the water. Somehow the colours seem to get sucked onto the pumpkin and make it all shiny and pretty.

Marble nail varnish pumpkin

I gave the stalk a lick of bronze nail varnish just to finish it off. I think it’s super cute!

What do you think? Will you try no carve pumpkin decorating this year?

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Easy no carve pumpkin

2 thoughts on “Easy no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

  1. Kelly Allen says:

    These are blooming lovely! They’re so gorgeous, I wouldn’t want them to deteriorate ever. You should get some ceramic or plastic ones and do them for keeps! I really want to try the crayon one! We’ve done pictures but this is just genius! Xx

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