We accidentally started Christmas…

I’ve got a bit of a rule about Christmas. It’s a pretty simple one, and you’d think it would be easy to stick to. Christmas does not start until December 1.

Well, that one went out the window this year.

Christmas has officially started in our house – with three trees up and decorated, the arrival of our resident elf, and the wreath taking pride of place on the front door. All by November 25 – a week before the official beginning of Christmas.

I’m actually lucky we managed to hold out that late to be honest! The week before last, I was away with work from Tuesday to Friday so didn’t see the boys for three nights. Somehow, while I was way up in the north of England (apparently we weren’t that far north, but it felt a long old way from South Wales), Santi got it into his head that the tree needed to be put up. At one point he was even insisting they should decorate it as a surprise for me when I got home!

We managed to convince him to hold off until Saturday morning (he’d have got the box of decorations out of the shed the minute we got home from nursery on Friday), but it had to be done before anything else. There were a lot of “ooohh”s as Stew carried the box into the living room, and some muttering under Stew’s breath as we attempted to string the lights while Santi “helped”.

We thought we’d timed it so well with Ezra’s nap, but he must have sensed the excitement as he was back downstairs and throwing baubles around within 10 minutes.

Just checking how the batteries work

I’m pretty convinced that by mid-December we’re going to have one of those trees where the decorations are all on the top half … either that or a horizontal tree that Ezra has pulled over. I wouldn’t put it past him after he pulled the TV over…

It didn’t take long before all the decorations were hung – a complete mish mash of bits we’ve picked up on our travels, and a star that keeps falling off the top. We’ll never have one of those perfectly coordinated trees, but I don’t think it would suit us if we did.

Our koalas from Australia
Is anyone else feeling the llama love this year?!

A little trip to town ended with us buying a small tree and lights for Santi’s room, so along with the terribly tacky fibre optic tree we bought last year to brighten up the kitchen and dining room which were under construction at the time, and we now have three trees dotted around the house. And of course a garland of leaves and light-up pine cones up the bannister, a wreath on the front door, and as of this weekend, lights in the tree in the front garden.

If you can’t go all out when you have children, when can you?!

Just to make the day extra Christmassy, we attempted to watch Elf (with a LOT of questions about why he was so big), and helped Santi write his letter to Father Christmas. We bought a Christmas post box set from my favourite shop, Tiger, which came with festive postcards, stamps and paper. It’s very cute, and just added something to the letter-writing. Before going to bed he posted his letter in, and it was whisked away to the North Pole by our elf – Elfie (original).

All he asked for was a hungry caterpillar jigsaw as the one he has is missing a few bits – and when he said he could put something else on there, he added a Spider-man costume. A week later and he’s getting into the list writing – he’s now added a couple of extra bits (some which will prove more tricky to find than others).

And just like that, it’s the countdown to Christmas! I have a list of things to do as long as my arm, and not very much time to do it. Now, I’m off to google policeman dinosaur toys to try and tick something off the little man’s list … god help me with this one!

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