What the boys wore: Christmas jumpers and snowflakes

We might not have had any snow here over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been feeling festive. Instead of heading to the hills for snowball fights and sledging, we went for a late afternoon walk in the sun – complete with Christmas outfits.

And why not? Christmas jumper day is this Friday after all!

We timed it just right getting to the park as it was late enough to be quite quiet, but we still had an hour out of the house … just long enough before it got too cold. Of course the boys had coats, but I snuck a few photos in before putting them on.

I really like these little Christmassy outfits – as usual I’ve gone for a fairly similar look without matching them completely, and stuck with black and red to keep it simple.

Starting with Ezra … we were lucky to be gifted these lovely little leggings from a brand called Hotbunz, which do a fab range of designs. I chose this red pair with stars on because they’re nice and festive, but also have my eye on a black pair with white swans. The best thing about them is how soft the waistband is, so there’s no digging in. I also really like that you can turn the cuffs up and let them down as your little one grows, so they last that bit longer – great if you have tall babies like us!

Hotbunz leggings Cribstar sweatshirt

I paired the leggings with a black Christmas tree sweatshirt from Cribstar, which we’ve bought a few bits from before and found the quality to be really good. I love how simple this design is as it will go with so many things. I decided to size up for an oversized look, and I think it might fit again next year! Oops!

We ended up having to change him into his boots for some puddle jumping…Hotbunz leggings Cribstar sweatshirt

Hotbunz leggings Cribstar sweatshirt

Oh, and if you subscribe to the Hotbunz website you get 10% off … yay! If you’d like to see some of their other designs, check out their Instagram page.

I also bought Santi a Christmas tree sweatshirt from Cribstar, but in red, which matches the Hotbunz leggings nicely. They’d sold out in size 3-4 so I ended up buying age 5-6, so he might be sorted for winter 2018 too! I picked the trousers up in Zara (no surprise there) when I popped in to look for something else. I couldn’t resist them … snowflake leggings, winning!

I’ve said it loads of times before, but I really do love Zara leggings for children. They have such fab designs and are good-wearing. I’m just gutted he’ll soon grow out of them as 3-4 is the biggest size they do 🙁

I might still have about 70% of my Christmas shopping to do and haven’t wrapped a single thing, but at least the boys’ outfits are sorted, hey?!